Do you think that both major parties are excessively dominated by money and overly influenced by lobbyists and single-issue groups? Are you concerned about the continued assault on the American middle class by the failed policies of both major parties? Do you feel that neither of the two major parties truly reflect the aspirations or will of most Americans? Do the two party career politicians appear unwilling or unable to address the many issues and challenges facing our nation? Have you grown tired of the polarization and alienation created by the two major parties?

Do you want to help get money out of politics? Do you want to end the revolving door between lawmakers, their staffers and lobbyists? Do you want to help end the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world? Do you want to protect the American middle class and American jobs?

If so, let's Get started! Our people-powered party is not about moving the country right or left. We are about moving the country forward with pragmatic long-term sustainable solutions. We welcome independents, democrats and republicans, greens, libertarians as well as coffee party supporters, tea party supporters and occupy wall street supporters. The Citizens Party does NOT accept contributions from corporations, PAC's, super PAC's, labor unions or registered lobbyists.

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"This program is not to be counfused with the united states armed forces"
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junior reserve officers training corps

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a Federalprogram sponsored by the …See more →
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My personal opinion as it relates to the Ferguson case

Good evening my fellow Citizens...over the past few days we have all heard of the recent federal findings in relation to the ferguson case involving Darren Wilson in the matters of the Micheal Brown Case. Since this unfortunate event has evolved and…See more →
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"I have extended an invitation to both RepDavidEPrice & Rep.G.K.Butterfeild Both nc congressmen to explain to the voters of NC why they chose not to attend Netanyahus Speech. We will see if either will issue a…"
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