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Getting Started


Our Community Guidelines serves as the ground rules for keeping safe and enjoyable for all members.


Tell us your story Introduce yourself, your reason for seeking a new political home and learn about other members.


Fill in Your Profile and Add a Photo - Your profile page and photos are important tools to increase member engagement and connect with other Citizens. We strongly encourage all members to use their real full name on their profile. Members should only create one profile. Multiple profiles is not allowed.  


Your Profile Photo: If you don't upload a personal photo, you receive a Citizens Party default image which shows up on your profile and all of your other posts. This is a social network so we strongly encourage you to add a profile photo. Shy? If you don't want to add a photo of yourself, you can add a photo of your pet, your car, your house, a barn, a mountain, a river, a city, etc. 





Member Engagement is critical to our mission. The success of this website and our party will depend upon member engagement, both online and on the ground. VoteCitizens.Org strives to seek ways to maximize our member engagement. We will continue to add new features to give our members even more ways to get and stay involved. Most new visitors will decide to either sign up or move on within 30 seconds after first coming to our website. If they see static old activity, they will likely move on, maybe for good. So, let's stay active and engaged. 


Join your state group and then your district group. Not sure what district you live in? Send us your full zip code (00000+0000) or find your district here.


Browse our groups Find groups that interest you. Some groups serve as places to organize, others to discuss or debate issues and still others are meant simple for people to join to show they support a particular issue or cause.


Comment in the General Forum Discussions


Read or Post a blog Offer comments to others.


List your local events and view other events across the nation.


Add Friends- Search our member directory or browse our membership


Invite your family, friends and co-workers to join.


Take Action Find ways to get involved with growing and organizing the Citizens Party. Member involvement and engagement is required for the success of the Citizens Party. We have many volunteer opportunities.


Citizens Party Newsletter Subscribe to the free Citizens Party newsletter to receive the latest state and national party news, events and alerts.


Getting Help


Technical Problems Here's where to look if you have any problems or issues about the functioning (or lack of) features of the Citizens Party/ website.






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