I. FAQ about the Citizens Party



Q:  Will the Citizens Party hold a National Convention in 2016?

A:  Yes, the Citizens Party plans to hold a 2016 National Convention in a location still to be determined. 




Q:  Will the Citizens Party field a Presidential candidate in 2016?

A:  Citizens Party Delegates will have the opportunity to field a strong Presidential ticket at our 2016 Presidential nominating Convention only if we have reached ballot access on a minimum number of states at least 30 days before the beginning of the convention and we have quality candidates that also meet the minimum requirements set forth by the national committee to seek our nomination. If so, delegates at our 2016 National Convention will have the option to either vote for a Presidential nominee or NOTC (None of the Candidates). If the majority of Delegates votes NOTC, then the Citizens Party will not run a Presidential candidate in 2016. The minimum number of ballot access states will be determined by July 15, 2015. 


Q:  Who will be the candidates for President?


A:  That will be up our Citizens Party delegates. Any person who is constitutionally qualified to be President may seek the Citizens Party nomination. Candidates have additional requirements in order to become a certified Citizens Party Presidential candidate. The party also requires ballot access in a minimum number of states before we will vote to nominate a Presidential ticket. 




Q:  Will the Citizens Party nominate a non-serious or extreme candidate?


A:  No. Because you, and the thousands of other Delegates like you will not allow that to happen. So get your family, friends and neighbors involved.




Q:  Is the Citizens Party a liberal or conservative Party?

A:  The Citizens Party is neither a liberal or conservative party. The Citizens Party supports pragmatic solutions and our platform contains a mixture of what might appear to be liberal, moderate and conservative views. The Citizens Party platform has a consistent thread of pragmatism and national self-reliance running through it. Like most Americans, our members generally have a combination of liberal, moderate, and conservative views.

The Democrats tend to believe that government is the answer to all our problems and the Republicans tend to believe the private sector always provides the best answer.

We believe that sometimes Government is the best answer and other times the private sector provides the best answer. It really depends upon the issue and the situation. The old argument between “big government” vs. “limited government” might help the two parties rally their base voters, but it does little to help us solve the critical problems before us. We need smart and efficient government.




Q:  If the Citizens Party is not liberal or conservative, does that mean it is all about compromise?


A:  No. Just because we do not label ourselves as left or right does not mean that we sit on the fence on every issue or seek compromise for the sake of compromise. However, we will be open to hearing all views and working with others in seeking the best possible solutions. We will not automatically reject an idea just because it came from either the Democrats or Republicans. We want to find real sustainable solutions and we do not care if any particular solution is our idea or comes from those in another party. If the solution creates lasting positive change then we will embrace it. But, we will not put up with the fake solutions that the other two parties so often propose.




Q:  What is the Citizens Party platform?


A:  The Citizens Party Main Street Platform can be found here. Some platform changes may be considered and voted upon by delegates at our National Convention. Our delegates will continue to help identify the critical issues through our forum discussions, group discussions and member surveys. Our delegates will create and rank the top 10 most "critical issues" and craft 10 critical "Citizens questions" for our Presidential candidates. All Citizens Party Presidential candidates will be required to completely answer the Citizens Questions before our National Convention so our Delegates can evaluate each candidate.




Q:  Won’t the Citizens Party just spoil the election for one party or the other?


A:  Some people will claim that the Citizens Party could cost either the Democrats or the Republicans the election. We think that, with your participation, the Citizens Party will spoil the election for both the major parties and win the White House and many other offices across the country in 2016. Voting for Citizens Party candidates will not be a wasted vote. The Democratic and Republican parties have created the problems we now face. So, why would you expect them to solve the problems they helped create in the first place? Millions of Americans have grown tired of wasting their votes on more of the same.

Neither major party owns your vote. It is your vote. Voting for a Citizens Party candidate is simply a vote. It is not stealing a vote from another party. You own it and the candidate that you vote for should earn that vote. The Citizens Party does not take any vote for granted. 




Q:  How can the Citizens Party succeed?


A:  The Citizens Party platform attracts a large spectrum of voters. We can win by organizing and empowering this large coalition of voters that are fed up with both parties.




Q:  Will the Citizens Party endorse independent candidates or candidates from other parties?

A:  The Citizens Party will not endorse non-Citizens Party candidates, including independent, third party or major party candidates. No exceptions.




Q:  Has the Citizens Party recruited any candidates yet?

A:  Yes, the Citizens Party is putting together a strong field of qualified candidates to run all across the nation. The Citizens Party will field citizen candidates for the 2016 general elections.




Q:  If I join, will I be required to pay Citizens Party dues?


A: No. The Citizens Party does not require members to pay dues. Membership in the Citizens Party will always be free. It is free to join votecitizens.org.




Q:  Do I need to have political experience in order to serve as a Citizens Party district leader?

A:   No. you do not need previous experience in politics to serve as a district leader or to run for office as a Citizens Party candidate. However, we do recommend that you get involved with the Citizens Party at the local (precinct, town or county level) for a year or two before seeking a district leader position. Many of our members only became politically active in recent years, while some others have had extensive political experience in politics before finding a home with us. We will actively look to advance our best and most active volunteers and members. 




Q:  Where can I get more information?


A:  Please contact us here for general information, questions or press inquires.




II. FAQ about Membership


Q:  I do not want my full name displayed on the website. Now what?


A:  First sign into the website. Then, from the homepage, click SETTINGS (top of the right column). The 3rd line down under PROFILE says "FIRST NAME". Consider this your DISPLAY NAME and change it to anything you want then click save at the bottom. 




Q:  How can I keep my photos from showing up under the "Photos" tab?


A:  From the homepage go to SETTINGS (top of right column) then click PRIVACY (left) and edit who can see your photos. 




Q:  My profile page comes up when I google myself. How can I prevent that?


A:  From the homepage go to SETTINGS (top of right column) then click PRIVACY (left) and then:

1. Make your profile visible only to friends.

2. Under MY PAGE, change your url so that your last name is not in it.

3. Under PROFILE, Make sure where it says "First Name" (there are two spots) that only your first name or username is showing. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR LAST NAME under the "Profile Questions" or we will not be able to verify your membership. This information is not visible on the web. 




Q:  If I join, will I be required to pay Citizens Party dues?


A: No. The Citizens Party does not require members to pay dues. Membership in the Citizens Party will always be free. It is free to join votecitizens.org. We do encourage all members to voluntarily contribute what they can afford.  




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