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Do you think that both major parties are excessively dominated by money and overly influenced by lobbyists and single-issue groups? Are you concerned about the continued assault on the American middle class by the failed policies of both major parties? Do you feel that neither of the two major parties truly reflect the aspirations or will of most Americans? Do the two party career politicians appear unwilling or unable to address the many issues and challenges facing our nation? Have you grown tired of the polarization and alienation created by the two major parties?

If you have the same concerns, Get started now!


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We, the members of the Citizens Party of the United States of America, fully commit ourselves to transforming and reforming our government and electoral process. Together, we will work to re-establish the public trust in our government by recruiting and electing ethical leaders to govern and guide us with the best interest of our nation and its citizens at heart.

The Citizens Party seeks to increase the number of people engaged in the American political process. We strive to set aside the partisanship and ideological labeling that are corrupting the American political process and constraining real problem solving.

We firmly commit to making the Citizens Party competitive in every single race, district, and state, while integrating national and state parties in support of the Citizens Party core vision and values.



Committed to Reform, Good Government and Clean Elections



The Citizens Party does not accept contributions from PACS, corporations, labor unions or non-U.S. citizens.


Citizens Party office holders may not vote themselves payraises or new perks unless the budget is balanced or running a surplus.


Citizens Party candidates and office holders are forbidden to accept any and all gifts, payments or favors from lobbyists or from any other private interests seeking special favors for favorable legislation from the government at the local, state or national level.


Citizens Party office holders are forbidden to serve as lobbyists for a full (6) six years after leaving public office.


Citizens Party office holders are forbidden to represent or lobby on behalf of any foreign government or corporation for a period of (8) eight years after the end of their service.




VoteCitizens.Org was launched in 2011. This website is being dismantled and votecitizens.org will direct to one of our two new websites in the coming months. 


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