The Loss of American Self-Reliance and the Coming Age of Instability

When we place our feet to the earth, it is increasingly difficut to feel the steady rich soil between our toes or to feel any solid bedrock underneath us. Instead of being grounded and steadied, we are increasingly met with instability and uncertainty. This instability will make it increasingly difficult for America to stand tall and proud. Our strong American foundation is being slowly and sometimes not so slowly crippled and weakened. We are no longer standing firmly upon solid bedrock.

Today our beloved America is anchored upon a thick deposit of shifting sand. With each new gust of wind and each new thunderstorm in the form of another factory moving overseas, another U.S. highway sold off to a foreign power or another bus load of illegal workers crossing our border our shifting foundation is further eroded.

Our two party leaders have abandoned the American principles of national self-reliance, pragmatism and common sense. They have systematically weakened the American foundation. And we are quickly approaching the point of no return.

The shifting ground underneath our weakened foundation causes our entire house to shift and sway. This instability spreads like mold, infesting our entire home, sickening the residents and further weakening the weight bearing pillars of our manufacturing base, our public schools, our economy and every other critical pillar.

America could always proudly stand on her own two feet. We always grew, made or provided the basics and most of the extras.

Our once strong manufacturing base that was fueled by a strong work ethic created a thriving middle class. Today, America's middle class is being stretched to its limits as it is constantly under assault from both parties, corporate, globalist & ethnocentric interests. Our manufacturing base is dying. We are currently experiencing the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. It is simply common sense to realize that our nation and our citizens are more secure when we as a nation can provide most of our own food, clothing, energy and shelter.

America has the best soil on earth and the best farmers to work that soil. Yet, for the first time in our nation's great agricultural history, we are importing more foreign grown food than we are exporting. Farmers are being paid to not grow food, while cheaper foreign grown imports are steadily increasing.

We import over 90% of the clothing we wear. We import most of the energy we use. Despite all the talk about energy independence, we continue to grow more dependent upon foreign energy, not less. We import most of the electronics we use. We purchase far too many foreign built cars and trucks. We import 90%- 95% of the toys we buy our children. Even most American flags are now made in China. Both political parties ignore the millions upon millions of cheap, dangerous foreign made goods that flood our markets each year. These are all signs of a decaying America due to numerous reasons, but topping the list is the continued failed leadership in Washington and every state capitol in America.

Over 1.2 million illegal foreign nationals cross our borders each year. Both major parties, corporate interests and ethnocentric interest groups wish to force American workers to compete with cheap foreign labor. Despite the fact that our economy is in trouble and unemployment is high, we do nothing about the invasion of cheap foreign labor.

This wish to force American workers to compete with cheap foreign labor is not just limited to low skilled foreign workers. Our universities and hundreds of major companies hire hundreds of thousands of H-1B skilled foreign workers a year in the technology and engineering fields. This is despite the fact that American universities produce 200,000+ qualified graduates each year in the tech & engineering fields above the number of new tech and engineering jobs produced. Hundreds of thousands of qualified American tech workers are currently unemployed. Many of these workers are asked to train their foreign replacement before they are booted out the door. Every major contender seeking the 2008 Presidential nomination from both the Democratic and Republican parties were on record supporting an increase in H-1B & L1 foreign work visas. Both parties have produced no new plans to get these workers back to work. Millions of Americans are either unemployed or under employed. This includes the 99ers who have run out of unemployment benefits.

Both political parties continue to push destructive free trade agreements that ship American jobs overseas. The U.S. Manufacturing sector is dying a slow death thanks to the failed free trade policies of both the Republican & Democratic parties. Our loopsided trade policies favor foreign nations over U.S. companies.

All across the country our leaders are allowing and encouraging this deadly mold to spread throughout our home when they approve the sale of our turnpikes, bridges, tunnels, wind farms and other vital infrastructure to foreign companies. The rest of our vital infrastructure (that hasn't yet been sold to the highest foreign bidder) is wasting away from neglect.

Our leaders in both parties passed massive taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street investment banks, many of which are owned by foreign companies and/or countries. Every month that passes by we see ourselves further growing dependent upon foreign economic interests. Our government continues to pay subsides to oil companies and large factory farms.

We are borrowing billions upon billions of dollars from China and Japan to pay off our record high debt.

Our foreign policy is increasingly driven by lobbyists representing foreign interests (Israel, India, Saudi Arabia, etc.). Our domestic laws that Congress passes is increasingly being written or influenced by lobbyists. Our campaign finance system is a joke as corporations and labor unions can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence our elections.

Our leaders have led us down a path of foreign dependence and away from American self-reliance. We can't even stand on our own two feet anymore as a nation.

Globalization is on the march! And our so-called leaders from both political parties are carrying the flag of Globalization.




It's time to pass up the cheap foreign made crap at Wall*Mart and instead select Patriotic spending.


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Comment by Charlynn Linton on August 24, 2011 at 11:48pm


I read about this all the time, and every time the topic seems to become more painful than the last. The facts are heartbreaking. The least we can do is continue to educate and inform people. I sometimes wonder if these people who are destroying America are sleepers, because American citizens that respect America would never betray our country like this.  (Disregard the third sentence, I like to play with conspiracy theories) Thank you for sharing.



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