"The Golden Light, Rule and Will Standard for the New American Money"

This is another one I wrote in 2009. I really do believe in the principles and concepts of this proposal, but understand that it is a bit much for most Americans ways of thinking. But...who knows...maybe this article would strike a chord that Our Culture needs. Its up to yall...We The People.

This would come after We have gotten rid of the "Federal Reserve". I think. Though it could be incrementally initiated at the community grassroots level.


"The Golden Light, Rule and Will Standard for the New American Money"
And possibly for all the currencies of Mother Earth.

(The Wealth Part of the American Vision.)

Due to "finite limitation", (as a planetary condition of Creation), the "Gold Standard" for currency, fails as a Universal Human Medium of Exchange. Only that which is "Infinite" can be a reliable and equatible standard for artificial and representational, (money), Human Wealth. Gold, being limited on Our World, cannot properly be a standard for wealth exchange for Our species...because We ARE Eternal...or could be if We achieve eternal survival staus as a species.

So, what in Human existance is Infinite and usable as money? What in our lives has the consistent value, (fungible), to be our new standard for the saving and exchange of wealth?

What we need is something that is Infinite or Eternal in nature...something that comes from God.

Something made of matter? Well maybe...sort of. All matter is temporary and temporarily reverts to energy eventually. Matter comes and goes as expressions of energy. So, matter can be thought of as Infinite and Eternal, though constantly changing.

Something made of energy? Could be. Energy is a constant and Eternal, (though changing and moving), essential element that is part of Creation and comes from God. When it leaves or tranforms, it is always replaced. Energy, in one form or another will always be there...here...everywhere. Energy can be counted on to be constant and unfailing. It, in one form or another, has unending value.

Perhaps a specific form of energy? Yes. An energy We All can value, because it is essential to Our Being..

How can energy be percieved in relation to finite wealth on Our Planet? As LIGHT. Even after Our Solar Star has died, there will always be light. Light is the gold of Creation...infinite and unending. Life giving and valuable. If We can accept the equality of different colors, Light is even fungible, when percieved in equal doses of intensity. Given the same luminescence, blue is the same value as red or green or yellow. It is all light, but We could visualize "Golden Light". But no need to fragmentize this energy. Just see light and know it is eternal and constant and worthy of being Our New Standard for currency. A standard in which all People's currencies will achieve equality on Our World.

Now. We can even choose to join light to other elements of value to give this New Standard additional validity. We could join it to Thought to increase its power in Our Lives.

All Thought originated in First Mind of Creation. All Thought resides in the ALLNESS that preceded all Creation. Thought Created Energy. Thought, at least Thought that is conducive to Evolution toward Perfection in Creation, has "Supreme Eternal Value" and is totally worthy to become part of a Human New Monetary Standard...as specific applicable concepts that have a share in the "Supreme Eternal Value" of God originated Thought. A few specific concepts can add power to the worthiness and value of Our New Standard.

How about the concept of equality of opportunity for all Humans? How about the concept of fair dealing with all Humans...(But be careful you dont confuse a sub-human with a Human. You might well be betrayed if you do.) How about doing unto others as you would have them do unto you?

Yes. What better concept to attach to Our New Monetary Standard of Eternal Golden Light than the "Golden Rule" itself? Ooohweeee! Look at that Eternal Strength of Standard!

But, you know? The Creational "Law of Three" could be fulfilled if We could only add one more element to Our New Monetary Standard. If We could fulfill the Divine "Law of Three" within Our New Standard, it would harmonize Our Work with a basic building block and tool of Creation...which would open the gates to a wonderful planetary prosperity. Hmmm?!?! What could the third thing be?

What could it be? What could it be? This Third Thing of Integrity?


Of Course. That's it! Integrity!

Integrity. The mark of a real Human Being! A Real Human's Word! Better yet ALL the Real Human's Word! The Word of Commitment and Promise as to the Validity and Trustworthiness of Our New Monetary Standard. IT WILL BE SO BECAUSE WE SAY IT IS SO!!!

Our New Monetary Standard of Eternal Golden Light and the Golden Rule is totally valid and GOOD, because We Say So! Because We Vote So! Because We Live So!

Our New Standard is hereby established.

As an expression of an infinite element of Creation, it is established.

As an expression of Divine Law it is established.

And as an application of the Potentiality and Will of Children of God, it is established.

Our Rainbow Dollars are worth what We say they are. What We will them to be. All of Our votes in Virtual Democracy will make this decision.

Now all We have to do is assign this constant worth to the things that We buy...establishing constancy in this direction too. Establish the worth in Rainbow Dollars to the finite things of Our Lives.

Good correction and start, Humanity! Let the "Raindolls" flow right along with the green stuff. Just that, being for We The People of America only, it stops at the borders.

We now have a Way to begin to kill inflation, that disease of greed. Let the darkness of the "rule of supply and demand" apply only to gold and the morally deficient that worship it. May they become as rare as it is.


Later i added the following:

I am beginning to develope a notion of the "Compatibility of Different Monetary Standards for America." This recent post of Kevin's got me thinking along these lines. Its not completely thought out yet, (and due to me lack of financial and economic expertise, may not be...but then again, I do feel that "expertise" and "experience" is what got America to where it is today, eh?). Anyway, what I have now, is that all the money standards worked to some degree for a time. But, because of their "finite" nature (limitations as to supply), the Gold and Silver Standards would end up in the coffers of the wealthy few, leaving little or nothing for the working masses. So, I conclude that We need a plentiful supply of spendable wealth for the working masses... "The Many".
So...hows abouts the simultaneous existance of a combination of standards for Our Economy?
(1) The Gold Standard for the Very Few and Very Wealthy. (Billionares?) They have most of the gold anyway. The certificates for this standard could be colored gold.
(2) The Silver Standard for the not as Few and Wealthy. (Millionares?) These certificates should be colored silver.
(3) The Treasury Guaranteed Promissory Notes that are in circulation now for the entrepreneur, small business and other "upwardly mobile" Citizens of the Many. This would be a transition monetary layer that can be converted to the above two standards, or "down" to the final exclusively American level that follows. This third level is Our beloved "Greenbacks".
(4) This fourth and final monetary standard based on the Spiritual, Moral, Ethical, Integrity and Production Potential of The American Many. It has value because... WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SAY SO! (In a democratic, organised and agreed upon voted way of course.) It is for these beautiful rainbow colored "RainDols" that anti-inflationary basic commodity price stability is established. This is the money of most of us Workers and can only be used in Our "Exclusive American Market". A market We control and prevent a lot of the greedy stunts that spoils other markets. Here, the "Eyes Of The People" will perform vital service. Family Home and business properties, shelter, food, fuel, energy, American made clothing and transportation are obtainable with this "American Potentiality Standard". This standard is less finite and limited and more plentiful for the main body of the growing American Populace. These RainDols are exchangable for the Treasury Notes, but not the "higher" monetary levels. Not sure what the exchange rate should be. Maybe three RainDols for one greenback?
Anyway, this notion of a multilayered monetary system might well serve all Americans...few and wealthy and The Many of moderate or "average" means.
End of Speculative Proposal

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Comment by Scolos Narbarson on October 31, 2014 at 4:57pm

Correction: "All of Our votes in Virtual Democracy will make this decision."

I would like this to read: "All of Our votes in Direct Democracy will make this decision."

Also, I didn't refer to Spirit. Spirit is a wonderful and strong kind of Light that would give Good Strength to Our New Monetary Standard(s).

This article could use a rewrite. The second part of it does not sufficiently harmonize with the first part.


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