There was a fence between houses that was in need of repair.  The two owners of the houses got together to discuss how they would repair the fence.


They knew the cost of repairing the fence was $10,000.00.  Neither owner could afford the repair cost so they stated discussing how they could afford the costs.


Neighbor 1; "well, I think WE could afford it if YOU sold your sports cars"  Shocked and stunned, neighbor 2 responded;

"Well, that is true but I think it would be better if YOU sold your Harley-Davidson".  "Never" said Neighbor 1.

Neighbor 1: "If YOU don't sell your car, I just kick the fence over"

Neighbor 2: "if you kick it over I'll burn it in my fire-pit and have the smoke blow into your house.


Another neighbor was walking down the street and heard the argument.  Without stopped he said "Grow up children"




Sound Familiar?


Neighbor 1......Republicians

Neighbor 2......Democrats

Walking neighbor.....Obama





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