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The Citizens Party is seeking volunteers to serve on our Presidential Campaign Support Committee.  The Presidential Campaign Support Committee offers ideas and support for all candidates seeking the 2012 Citizens Party Presidential and Vice-Presidential nomination. The Committee will work closely with the Ballot Access Committee and several other committees. Most of the focus of the committee will take place after we have nominated our 2012 Presidential ticket. The Committee will hold an official meeting at our 2012 National Convention just after we nominate a Presidential ticket (or notc). The Committee will eventually be comprised of 2 members from each state, plus some additional national leaders and Presidential candidates or official representatives of our Presidential candidates. We are seeking atleast 20 initial members so that we can begin planning. Our eventual Presidential nominee can nominate 6 additional members to this committee after the national convention. The Vice-Presidential nominee can nominate 2 additional members to this committee after the national convention.


If you wish to be considered for this committee post, please let your interest be known by commenting below or by sending me a message. This committee is ideal for those Citizens Party members who want to support our eventual Presidential ticket even if their favorite Presidential candidate may or may not win the Citizens Party Presidential or Vice-Presidential nomination.

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