There should be a national support for labor,both union and non union workers.Lets not allow what is happening In Wisconsin and Ohio to continue throughout the United States.These are diefinately "blue collar" issues,and should have the backing of the Citizens Party.

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Comment by Michael Thompson on March 3, 2011 at 12:36pm

The Citizens Party maintains the same stance as we had as the New American Independent Party (NAIP). The Citizens Party believes that the state workers in Wisconsin should maintain their right to collective bargaining. The Governor of Wisconsin is wrong on this. However, it should also be noted that some public and private unions should recognize that agreements reached during boom times can not always be carried forward in future agreements during a struggling economy and growing debt. Some public union positions do not get paid enough, others get paid too much. And when it is too much, it is the middle class workers of the state that pay the price in taxes.


The Citizens Party does not accept contributions from labor unions. Our platform calls for the end of contributions from PAC's, Unions, Corporations, Lobbyists, Corporate Interests and Foreign nationals to any U.S. party or politician. It makes no sense for labor unions to be paying the people that they negotiate with. If we had real campaign finance reform and labor unions could not contribute to politicians like the democrats, and wealthy corporate interests did not own the republicans, this situation would never have happened.


The Citizens Party will always stand up for the American worker, the middle class and restoring American manufacturing. The interests of the unions are sometimes the same as the American worker and sometimes they are not. Labor union leaders have a history of being hostile to third parties and seek to preserve the domination of the two major parties. It is not as simply as unions supporting who they think line up best with the interest of the workers.


The situation in Wisconsin will spread to other states as both parties have gambled that such a fight will help them in the 2012 elections. Republicans and Democrats alike will continue to keep this fight going as long as they can. Both sides are to blame for the current situation and both sides are creating a dog and pony show in order to gain political advantage. Both political parties are fighting more over political contributions and staying in power than they are fighting over workers rights. Unfortunately, the state workers, their rights and the rest of the Wisconsin taxpayers are caught in the middle.

Comment by Thatcher James on February 24, 2011 at 12:15pm

It seems Governor Walker has inadvertently told the people of  Wisconsin that the budget is not the real issue when it comes to ending collective bargaining for the teachers and muinicipal workers in the state. He is not going after the police and firefighters unions, which leads one to believe the reason is not only ideological but financial as well. The police and firefighters unions supported his election campaign, the other unions in the state supported the democrats.  Get rid of the unions you get rid of a major source of campaign funds for the Democrats.

As Wisconsin is just the first state in the sights of the Koch brothers and others it was revealing to hear Walker talking to who he thought to be David Koch. Very candid and very disturbing. To think that the intent is one party rule is even more disturbing. If it is one thing we can agree on here it is we need more political parties in this country not less. It would also seem that the way we finance political campaigns leaves us open for this kind of abuse.

BTW Richard I agree with you when you say the citizens party should take a stand . This issue is bigger than just union vs. nonunion, IMHO and will affect the Citizens party as it grows .



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