Fundamental Change - Part Four - Applying Fundamental Change For The Evolutionary Process Of Humanity.

Fundamental Change – Part Four - Applying Fundamental Change For The Evolutionary Process Of Humanity.


We draw upon everything We know or believe about God and Goodness and how this is beneficial to most of Humanity, then We have a basis from which and upon which, to apply Fundamental Change as an Evolutionary Process.


When an Individual’s intelligence and Faith has finally enabled them to choose to take the direction toward benign decisions and acts regarding More than themselves, then Evolution is assisted to do its work for a Better Humanity. An improved Humanity that gradually, (but sometimes in wondrous leaps of “improvement” that rewards Humanity’s efforts within this Divine Movement Of Creational Way), achieves benign and high status as a planetary species.


No more war. Much less sickness and pain. Longer and happier lives. Cities that become magnificent works of art…having no poverty or slums. Many diverse lifestyles lived side by side and in Peace with one another. This means something to those of Us who have progressed far enough to be able to recognize and relate to these possibilities and potentials.


But none of this can be if We, as Individuals and Dedicated Citizens, do not begin to personally express this chain of events and become the Artists and Captains Of Our Nation’s “Best” Destiny. This IS ART. The increasingly better rendering of Lives Well Lived; which benefits self and others.


Apply Fundamental Change in oneself and then link these improvements with that achieved by Others. Do Good and find Others that are doing Good. Then one day We will suddenly realize that We are not in the minority as “True Elite” anymore…but have become the Great Majority that marches forward to the Great American Destiny.


The Citizens Party has a potential to be one place where the True Elite finds each other in order to do Good Work for The many…the Majority Of We The People Of America. That is why I have dared to bring these challenging ideas here. To be seed for “change for the better”.


Right now, I will assume that many of Us here have made important changes in Our Thinking and Ways Of Living. To benefit Ourselves, We have made sacrifices for the sake of Others. Even if only the Others were Others that We recognize as being Of Our Own Kind. That is an important start.


Here, in this new political party, are Many of Us who seek to clarify the problems that assail Our Nation and then further endeavor to design solutions to these problems. We probably realize that little changes alone, might not be what We really need as a people. We don’t need band aids, but major surgery. However We must not lose sight of the value that band aids might have toward the more radical efforts that are needed. Little steps, (especially those that are consciously designed to augment additional changes), do add up eventually. So lets not completely disregard their possible effectiveness for Our Cause.


In the first three parts of this blog series, I attempted to find a starting place for where We could see a need for Fundamental Change. I think We can agree that the greatest Fundamental Change is needed in the very core makeup of the Human Species. Something that We can do only very little about, and slowly, because of its being a God Product and too big to deal with right away. All We can do about the make up of Our Species is in Ourselves and in Our Societies. I had to “select” a spot in Our History where the problems revealed in Human Nature and Human Society had a direct bearing on Us as The American Nation. I went to the foundation of Our Nationhood as it began to manifest itself in The Colonies. I find that, even there, the ancient problem of Humanity as being of the exploitive few and the exploited Many is well manifested.


Capitalism, as a derivative of monarchism and empirism, was well established. It was an improvement over the older social and government forms because it included more people to benefit by it. In this sense it too is Evolutionary. A step toward benefit for More than before. But it too still depended on the exploitation of the Many. It cut deals with the old establishment to maintain control over the production of goods and wealth. It brought with it the reactions from parts of the Many, that sought to lessen its power. With Capitalism came Anarchy, Mutualism, Distributism, Socialism and Communism. But all these alternate forms of social structure were like sea waves against a basalt cliff. Change was imperceptible. Capitalism served the dominant Human impulses and still does.


But the “sea waves” have a secret weapon. Seeds of ideas for Fundamental Change. Ideas on how to become More and Better. Ideas that would sprout and grow when the moment was right. Seeds that found the cracks in the Human status quo and could be nurtured by Great men and Women who continued to rise with opportunity through the ages.


We can’t attack the “Monster” at its source. That would be the same as attacking the Dark Side Soul Of All Of Earth Humanity at once. In Our Times still way too much. Instead We should seek the monsters tentacles and bind or sever them one at a time. We do this until the monster is too weak to do anything but fade from Human Life on Earth.


If Americans were strong enough they could Individually and Collectively establish Fundamental Change in the deep and immense roots of their culture. This Fundamental Change would correct and augment the prevalent negative condition of Our Society, that We know as Capitalism. We feel the need. We have the Ideologies. All We have to do is make the necessary changes in a majority of Individual Citizens, who have reached a personal understanding of Our National Cultural Situation and need to do something about it.

But Capitalism, in its present form, is too strong to be changed all at once. It is better for the enlightened Individuals to change parts of it as much as possible for the moment. Each change bringing renewed opportunity to address another part of the “monster”.


We can’t attack the “monster” at its source. That would be the same as attacking the Dark Side Soul Of All Of Earth Humanity at once. Which in in Our Times still is way too much. Instead We should seek the monsters tentacles and bind or sever them one at a time. We do this until the monster is too weak to do anything but fade from Human Life on Earth…or, itself change for “The Better”.


Capitalism, as a twisted aberrant form that has emanated from Ancient Human Nature, is a first class, (and maybe the most important), example of the application of the Dark Side Of Human Nature. Capitalism is a misused tool for the benefit of the lesser kinds of Human Beings.


Is there any part of Capitalism worth saving? Taking forward into Our Great Destiny?


I believe so.


Capitalism is a “Prosperity System” that is designed to enable non-Producers, to siphon off the generated wealth of Producers. Not all “non-producers” are malevolent. Some are incapable of work, because of the misfortunes of birth. Specifically, the benefit to those who cannot physically work, (because Our Technology has not reached a needed level of development yet), could be seen as “Good”, IF, others of lesser natures did not avail themselves of this part of Capitalism.


I speak of the “risk of investment”. The “fuel” for the Capitalist Prosperity System. If those who cannot produce, because of physical birth defects, (or old age), somehow come up with some investment capital, it should be alright for them to invest in businesses and receive the reward if the investment gets a return.


But the problem with this is how certain Humans, who are not physically impaired, or too old to work, get into the investment game to “make” money for a living…instead of working for it like most producers. These are the ones that think they are too good to work for a living. That it is perfectly alright to use investment for a short cut, or supplement, to their income.


And this is what “short circuits” the investment aspect of Capitalism. The investors, legitimate and illegitimate, become a force that imbalances Capitalism. Capitalism becomes very much a “slave” to these investors. It becomes all about profit for the few and not about prosperity for The Many. Decisions that cause “harm” to the “Producer Class” happens.


But there is another part of Capitalism that is even worse in its effects upon this cultural institution. It is found in the “manipulators” of the investments and the profits. They are above the risk of investment, because they have gotten themselves into position to profit from success and failure of investment. They have constructed a win-win system within the Capitalist Prosperity System and scrape the cream of investment loss and profit from the top. And they have fooled most Americans into believing that this is good for most of Us.


There are many books written to explain all of this. The problem is that there are too few readers to grow from this knowledge.


There are Men and Women waiting to answer questions about this, but not enough of We The People to ask.


Capitalism stems from Humanity’s survival instincts. That’s why it is fundamental and number one on the “Fundamental Change List”. But, it is too big to change as a whole. It needs change to its parts.


We need to get control over those that get filthy rich without producing anything of real value:


They should be placed under new laws, (state and national), establishing either:


(1)   A corporate and Individual wealth ceiling of $21,000,000 for Individuals and $21,000,000,000. for corporations.  Or

(2)   A graduating income tax that begins hitting at the $21,000,000. mark for Individuals and the $21,000,000,000. mark for corporations. This “graduates” fast so that when the thirty million or thirty billion mark is reached, it takes 100% of the profits.


There should be no income tax below the “21” mark, or a 10% percent tax starting at the $75,000.00 per year earning mark. We The People should decide. All of Us, not just Our so called “representatives”.


Their should be new laws that prohibit investment to any except the physically handicapped non-producing, or retired aged.


New laws that outlaw corporate outsourcing. Nationalizing corporations that break these laws.


New laws that stop the transfer of wealth outside Our Sovereign Territory. American money should be for the National American Economy only. (This should hold true for any nations currency – Maybe the international bankers would do well to make “International Currency” through the United Nations and leave national currencies alone. International Currency would be the medium of exchange in world trade. All national currencies having equal value in the acquisition of this spending medium.)


New laws that promote “The General Welfare” by encouraging, (and possibly financing the start ups of), Worker Owned Companies. There should be a more equal distribution of prosperity through production. The idea here being the EARNED distribution of national wealth.


Fundamental Change involves more than laws. It has very much to do with a people’s mindset…their “Moral Compass”. If We fail to instill this in the Majority of Us, We will always be susceptible to reversals of Our Changes by the few. They will always be ready to exploit Our immorality…Our lack of ethics…Our failure to embrace the highest teachings in Our Daily Lives. This provides a supporting and, hopefully, lasting framework to the Fundamental Changes.


Until We can educate the majority of Ourselves to be strong moral units in Our Culture, We will not succeed with Fundamental Change. We need to master the Virtues for Our own sake and for the sake of others. And in addition to this formidable task We have to learn to recognize the lack of Virtue in others and deal with such in a way that prevents the exploitive few from ever getting power over Us again.


Of course, this is all just my opinion.

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