Creating Manufacturing Jobs with Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp has hundreds of, fuel, building materials, paper, composites, fibre, supplements, medicine, fabric, rope, water filters, animal bedding, etc., etc., etc...


Hemp can be produced into biofuels...lessening our dependence upon dirty oil

Hemp works as an excellent oil absorbant to clean up oil spills

Hemp bricks are stronger than regular bricks

Many of the World's Bibles are printed on Hemp paper cause it lasts longer & doesn't yellow

Hemp can replace fiberglass in automobiles

Hemp offers us an almost endless supply of possibilities...


Our founding fathers used & produced Hemp products...Henry Ford encouraged Hemp use..the diesel engine was produced with Hemp & other plant fuels in mind...


 However, the U.S. government does not allow the planting, harvesting and maufacturing of Industrial Hemp products in the United States.



Let's be clear: Industrial Hemp is not pot and you can not smoke products made out of Industrial Hemp.




Let's get with the program... Let's encourage our nation's struggling Tobacco farmers to grow Hemp...


Hemp means more U.S. jobs, a cleaner & more sustainable environment, a boost to our declining manufacturing sector and it encourages national self reliance as we can produce many of our needs right here in America with the help of Industrial Hemp..


It's just a plant...let's get with the program and create some jobs for this struggling economy.



China and Canada produce Industrial Hemp products and export them to us. The U.S. is the number #1 importer of Industrial hemp products.


It only makes sense, COMMON SENSE in fact, to produce these products here.


The two parties aren't going to make this happen. We can if you get involved!















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Comment by Scolos Narbarson on November 29, 2011 at 10:34pm

I'm supporting this movement and watching for Our New Hemp Industry to develop structural beams that I can use in the construction of electric hot rods. While We are at it, I think We should also construct the housings for the electric motors from hemp too. Then there is the body panels and so forth.


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