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Seeking Citizens Party Opinion Writers for New Local Online Newspapers

The Citizens Party is seeking serious and talented writers to craft occasional opinion pieces to help introduce voters and non-voters to the Citizens Party. These opinion pieces will run in several different new small online newspapers starting sometime in 2012. We have a golden opportunity to introduce tens of thousands of Americans to the Citizens Party through these new local and regional online newspapers. The payoff for this will be long term gains for the Citizens Party beginning in…

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We've added several new improvements to the Text Editor, which you and other members use to post blogs, add comments or message each other. The first change is the spacing. We have had major spacing problems in blog posts, forum posts, messages and text boxes. The spacing has been adjusted and we think that the result will be a big improvement. However, the adjustments that have been made will impact all prior posts, blogs, messages and text box information. As a result, the spacing on these…

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Creating Manufacturing Jobs with Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp has hundreds of uses.....food, fuel, building materials, paper, composites, fibre, supplements, medicine, fabric, rope, water filters, animal bedding, etc., etc., etc...…

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Presidential Campaign Support Committee

The Citizens Party is seeking volunteers to serve on our Presidential Campaign Support Committee.  The Presidential Campaign Support Committee offers ideas and support for all candidates seeking the 2012 Citizens Party Presidential and Vice-Presidential nomination. The Committee will work closely with the Ballot Access Committee and several other committees. Most of the focus of the committee will take place after we have nominated our 2012 Presidential ticket. The Committee will hold an…

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The Loss of American Self Reliance

The Loss of American Self-Reliance and the Coming Age of Instability

When we place our feet to the earth, it is increasingly difficut to feel the steady rich soil between our toes or to feel any solid bedrock underneath us. Instead of being grounded and steadied, we are increasingly met with instability and uncertainty. This instability will make it increasingly difficult for America to stand tall and proud. Our strong American foundation is being slowly and sometimes not so…

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Joe Trippi sees Social Media as the key for Third Parties and Independents


Highly respected Democratic consultant and former social media/ tech consultant for the Howard Dean 2004 Presidential campaign has been discussing the possible impact of the web/social media revolution on political campaigns in the near future. On Sunday, Trippi said that it is only a matter of time before a third party candidate rides social media to victory over the two major parties. Please check out the link below for the entire story.…

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