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If I were building a house, and I knew the building inspector would not approve how it was being built, I would stop and work with the building inspector to build it the way he wanted.

Continuing to build in the way I wanted would be a waste of time and energy.

When Congress and Mr. Boehner (Debt Man) continues to build a budget knowing it will not…

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The Debt debate


There was a fence between houses that was in need of repair.  The two owners of the houses got together to discuss how they would repair the fence.


They knew the cost of repairing the fence was $10,000.00.  Neither owner could afford the repair cost so they stated discussing how they could afford the costs.


Neighbor 1; "well, I think WE could afford it if YOU sold your sports cars"  Shocked and stunned, neighbor 2 responded;

"Well, that is true…

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The Debt ceiling

If you watched the President Obama's and Mr. Boehner's speech last night you will agree with me that we don't have a financial problem in America.  We have a Political Problem.

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Americas Debt.

The United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8; The Congress shall have power to ....pay the debts....

When the two political party's refuse to negotiate on paying our country's debt, We the citizens will pay the price.  Congress has the power to pay debt, but not the obligation.  It's time for a real change in our government.


Today, July 25, 2011 7 days before we…

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Message from the National Rifle Assoc. to the United Nations

NRA Delivers Remarks at U.N.

Concerning Proposed Arms Trade Treaty


National Rifle Association's Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre addressed the United Nations this afternoon.…

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January 8, 1835


Celebrate January 8, 1835 as much as July 4, 1776. 


To win our independence from King George and the British Empire, our budding nation required money.  Funds to support our separation, cash for weapons to be used to gain our freedom, and the continental congress added debt for foreign troops to assist us.  Borrowing monies from France and Spain we became a nation, a free nation, with debt.


The War of 1812 against the British to win the Northern…

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