There is no question about the economic impact that illegals have on this country.  

Living in Florida, I see the effect they have on our hospitals, police departments and welfare system.  Yet in her true wisdom Nancy Plossi, D-Calf, wants to turn them loose in our Social Security System. (even though they never contributed to it) Is that where the term entitlement came from?

However, on the flip side, we have jobs available harvesting our FL crops that the average person will not apply for. There are thousands of dollars of crops rotting in the fields and trees because many of the immigrants have fled to other parts of the country.

I strongly agree that this issue holds a major part of the draining of our tax dollars in the United States. Yet try to find a politician that is willing to do anything concrete about it. The news yesterday Pres. Obama came up with a plan to allow 800,000 of them stay in the country.  The singled out the students, workers and otherwise a contributor. He never mentioned their parents or other relatives.  We put the head of the household in jail then add the rest of the family to our welfare system. Makes you wonder if that is not why they are here in the first place.

What if when we jail the head of the household, deport the rest of the family, then send him back after his jail term.

Let's find a way to allow the workers into the US and ensure that they join the tax roll. We all understand why they want to live here. Allow them to work, educate themselves and live the American Dream.

In summary this all falls back on our do-nothing government. I hate to use the word govern in this sentence. We are not being governed, we have hired, giving the benefit of well intentions, a group of people that enter office and find ways to fatten themselves and forcing their agenda on us.  

What is it going to take for the American People to wake up, setup our agenda and expectations hire people that follow it. Oh wait, isn't that called the Constitution? 


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