As "First Member" of "District Group California -04" (not "District Leader") I will try to get some more members in here...from the The People of District 04.

I have been invited to a "Get Out The Voters Drive" on Saturday and might attend that to be of general, non-partisan service, to The People. This activity might give me the opportunity to share information about the "Citizen's Party" and maybe even attract some members to this district.

I will try this, because I believe in the wonderful potentials of the "Citizens Party".

My next message here, will be a good map of this district (assuming it is the same as the established "Congressional Districts of California" and assuming a "good map" is available.

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Wee update:

I just talked to my Sweety about the coming Saturday get out the voters event (not this Saturday but the next) and she is on board. We will make some quick reading non-partisan signs and see what develops.

Tomorrow is the big day. My first event in a long time. Should be an interesting experience.

Not much of an event. Ten People from Occupy Sonora and Democrat Club came and held up signs. This could be considered a pretty good turnout for Sonora...a Conservative bastion.

I set up and ran the registration table, while "Kat" and the others attracted attention on the curb with their signs.

While I did speak about Citizens Party to several People, not one single Individual registered to vote. The apathy among the young here is pathetic.

The whole fizzle lasted two hours. I know...kinda pitiful. But, better than nothing at all.

So. Moving on to other things I can do in this district, for the "Citizens Party".

Probably write or copy an introduction to put in the local newspaper. Maybe get the local radio station to announce it. I'll pay for these.

There is a local television station here too. "Channel 8". They run political ads, I think on a weekly basis.

There is talk about an anti-fracking rally here soon. In that one I can break out "Citizen Party" signs. (Unless this turns out to be an "Occupy sponsored event, in which case they generally frown on party material. Issues yes, Party no.) But, I think that this will not be Occupy dominated and therefore ok to advertise for the party...especially in relation to this case "fracking".

And, of course, keep telling about it to folks I converse with, day to day.

I will keep this Group informed about activities and results.

It will feel good to get some more members in it...and "Citizens Party".



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