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I have discovered how hard it is to get a decent map of Our Congressional District (California - 04) and get it copied here into this forum. I had hoped to get one of great detail, like a hard copy highway map, but, so far, have not succeeded. The link above hopefully would help you find out if your California Town is in District 04, or not.

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Thanks for including these maps. We just added a district map to the group description as well. I am not sure if it is better or not, but it is another option and you can zoom in on the area. 

Thank you, Michael Thompson. Your addition looks great on the group's main page. I'll do some zooomin and see how it works.

Uh...are you the same person as "CP"?

Scolos, I do have access to the "CP" profile, along with four other people. That is a general profile that several people use to perform various assigned duties, such as checking new member requests. 

I see. Thanks for sharing this Michael. Interesting idea. Sort of like a collective Spirit, or group Soul.

Darn it! My green map doesn't load up well when entering this discussion. Big empty space. One has to click on the tiny little image in the upper left hand corner and then it will load as a dominant feature of the discussion. Kinda an interruption and disconcerting.

Should I remove it?

Tomorrow is a big day. It is raining here tonight. There have been no cancellations of the voter registration event, that I know of.

I will mention "Citizens Party" whenever I can. It sure would be neat to get some new members through this event.



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