Monsanto, Dow and other corporations are working hard to wreck Our Agricultural capabilities. From genetically engineered seed to dangerous chemical controls, these firms are destroying Our Food Producing Capability.

They started out trying to help with natural plagues and pests...locust swarms, fungus infestations and such. But they seem to have veered away from trying to help the Farmers, to persecuting them.

Chemicals succeed less and less. Genetic engineering is playing with fire.

Do We have to use these questionable methods, to produce food. Should We just flow with the punch of nature's deadly quirks? Should We breed less mouths to feed? Maybe this is what these industries are trying to do?

What's going on here? What do you think We should do? Or should We just wait and see what happens?

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 Don't forget that MonSatano, oops , Fruedian slip ,  ahem, Monsanto, produced Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

Monsanto does have a questionable reputation, and I don't agree with all of their activities. But let's take the hot air out of this discussion. I recently wanted to be better informed about this topic, so I bought a book (Pandora's Picnic Basket) written by a senior research scientist (not a journalist) and found some very objective information. After reading the facts, I personally have no problems with GM food. The line between GM and non-GM food is more blurry than one may think. In fact, accepted "traditional" crop breeding methods include embryo rescue, haploid breeding, mutation breeding, somaclonal variation, and cell selection - some of which involve laboratory petri-dish fertilization, which many would regard as unnatural, but it is still considered "traditional". 

So, before labeling all GM food as dangerous, we need to be more specific about individual practices, and how and why they would be dangerous. One potential concern are food allergies, however the companies have preemptively cancelled all GM projects that involve known-food allergies (e.g. nuts). If there are still concerns or questions about GM out there, I would be more than happy to provide more facts.



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