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  I joined this party because I am truly fed up with our current system of government.It is my belief that it is corrupt to it's very core and does not reflect the thoughts,needs and beliefs of the majority of this country. Which is the middle class.After searching long and hard I came upon the CP.I read the Main Street Platform and it looked like a perfect match for me.So,here I am.My only disappointment lies in the lack of any real discussion and or debate on the issues that this country currently faces.I do realize that the most important thing for the CP is to gain enough members to be recognized as a true political party.That truly should be the primary focus.It should not stop us from discussing this countries current affairs though.These issues are the things that potential members are going to be the most interested in.Vibrant,intelligent discussion about the problems that face America's middle class and how to best address them.So,for those of you that are aspiring to run in future elections,I implore you to start the discussion.One,that I believe is actually a good idea,coming from the White House is;High Speed Rail.Won't you please indulge me.

Thank You,

Russ Wisehart

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 America all so has to help put america back to work again . By buying more American. THANKS KJF.


 That is one of the reasons that I believe"High Speed Rail"is a great idea.It would create jobs that could not be outsourced to other countries.It also would not be the 1st time that a rail system has helped pull this country out of a bad situation.I'm just one guy talking,with no imports sitting in my driveway,that's wondering how we get the current Congress to take this to a vote.Thanks.



Thanks for urging folks to post and discuss. Many of our members had been urged to keep the postings light in the first few weeks as we continue to add features, coordinate leaders and work to get our membership to join this new website. The members that have already joined certainly can now begin posting / discussing. And I urge everyone to do so. We will continue to work on getting our membership to sign-up on this new site, however, it will likely take several months to get a significant amount of them transferred over.


Michael Thompson


Any investment in infrastructure is a good idea.  Public workers buy goods, as well.  When gov't lays off tens of thousands of workers to "trim the fat" but the private sector does not pick up the slack, that means more unemployment benefits and less money into the economy.  We need to put people to work any way we can and high speed rail would do that.  Plus lessen our dependence (somewhat, at least) on foreign oil.  Great ideas CP!



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