Main Street Platform

2018 Platform changes will be posted soon. 

This is the simplified version of our platform. See detailed version of the Main Street Platform. 

Critical Issues 

- Support fair trade agreements (not free trade agreements)


- Get out of the WTO, CAFTA and NAFTA


- Eliminate the U.S. trade deficit


- Stop outsourcing American jobs and technology


- End tax breaks that reward companies for shipping jobs overseas


- Put in place a national manufacturing strategy


- Encourage the purchase of AMERICAN MADE goods


- Rebuild and redesign our crumbling national infrastructure


- Keep vital American infrastructure in the hands of American companies


- Invest in research and development


- Secure our ports and borders


- Pass real financial reform (bring back glass-steagall act without the provisions that strengthened the federal reserve)

- End "too big to fail"


- No more wall street bailouts


- Immediately audit the federal reserve and transition to end the federal reserve


- Eliminate our national debt


- Balance federal, state and local budgets and end wasteful pork spending


- End corporate special interest / lobbyist influence over elections and the legislative process.


- Create a fiscally sustainable health care system that dramatically cuts health care costs providing for greater access for legal citizens.

- Repeal the ACA (Affordable Care Act -Obamacare)

- Eliminate private and government health insurance

- Legalize the use of industrial hemp to boost the agriculture and industrial sectors


- Fight employer hiring policies that discriminate against the long term unemployed


- Get the unemployed back to work (including the long term unemployed - 99ers)


- Protect the family farmer, end subsidies to corporate farms, eliminate factory farms


-Protect small business owners


-Increase veteran benefits (health, job Training, education)

- Make higher education more affordable


- Use our great military only when it is in our national interest

- Secure the homeland and stop actual terrorist threats


- Give local law enforcement and fire companies the funds they need for security and emergency prevention & response

- Seek U.S. energy INDEPENDENCE through clean, renewable domestic sources (solar, wind, hydro, geo-thermal, etc.)


- Freeze all fracking until further testing is completed, safer extraction methods are created and all chemicals in the fracking process are disclosed and tested. 


- Require all oil / gas companies to contribute to a special emergency / spill / cleanup fund before any drilling is approved


- Require comprehensive environmental impact accessments before any drilling for oil or natural gas is approved

- Require that any oil or natural gas extracted in the United States be used (consumed) domestically in the United States


- Promote organic agriculture and a safe food supply

 - Ban all GMO's, steroids, antibiotics from agricultural products (livestock, crops)

 - Until a GMO ban, require that foods containing GMO's, steroids, preservatives, and antibiotics be labeled on the package. 

-Require all food/crops/fruit grown with pesticides, herbicides, weed killer, etc. be labeled.

-Require nation of origin be labeled on all food products.


- STOP the neo-conservative hijacking of U.S. foreign policy.


- Support involved foreign policy but oppose isolationist and interventionist foreign policy


- More common sense neutral stance on israeli/palestinian conflict


- Seek a stable and sustainable U.S. population


- Enforce illegal immigration laws by punishing EMPLOYERS who hire illegal workers.


- Common sense H1B and L1 foreign work visa limits to protect jobs in technology and other sectors for Americans


- Limit incentives that encourage unsustainable population growth from the influx of illegal foreign nationals

- Protect the environment (clean water, air, land) and preserve and expand national parks and wildlife preserves


- Support the separation between church and state


- Preserve social security


- Fund education, reform education (all students in all neighborhoods deserve a quality education)


-Return physical education and history classes to our schools


- Make personal finance a required class before leaving high school


- Keep America safe, but don't infringe on individual rights


- STOP the dangerous provisions of the patriot act


- End indefinite detention 

- End targeted assassinations of U.S. citizens domestically and overseas


- Keep government out of our bedrooms, libraries and phone/web conversations

- Oppose domestic drone use by local & state police, along with all federal agencies


- Reform our intelligence agencies, end bulk surveillance, bring accountability and more transparency to the agencies.


- Fully support the right to bear arms


- Harsher penalties for gun and weapons crimes


- Work to remedy inequalities so we can begin phasing out affirmative action programs- instead we will use true empowerment programs for all citizens.


- Create a sensible tax policy with a simplified tax code


- Cut taxes through cutting spending - but, no tax cuts during wartime (we all must sacrifice) and No tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthy


- Oppose any attempts to amend U.S. constitution to ban gay marriage


- Support an individuals right to same sex marriage


- Support gay rights in anti-discrimination laws such as equal housing laws


- Oppose anti-choice legislation (doesn't mean we are pro-abortion), this includes both abortion and end of life issues i.e, assisted suicide


- Protect homeowners from corporate land stealing (Eminent Domain)


- Support individuals right to the use medical marijuana


- Harsher punishment for animal cruelty

- Creation of animal abuser registry 


- Ban animal research such as for the development of foods, cosmetics and other products

-Fund alternative research (cruelty-free/non-animal research)

- Ban Horse slaughter in the United States and ban the transfer of horses across state lines or internationally for the purpose of meat consumption

-Ban puppy mills

-Ban the use of pig gestation crates

-Ban piercings and tattooing of pets


- Post all proposed congressional legislation on the internet for atleast 10 days prior to a vote to allow public viewing and input.


- Support Fair ballot access for independents and third party candidates




2014 Citizens Party


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