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 If ballot access, fundraising, media coverage were not an obstacle, who would you like the Citizens Party to nominate for President in 2016? Who would be their ideal running mate?


Name your Citizens Party 2016 Presidential Dream Ticket!


Jon Huntsman

Gen. Wesley Clark

Evan Bayh

Lou Dobbs 



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Comment by Jerry Odom on January 21, 2015 at 11:42am
Only a Iron Patriot Can fix this Mess --

Most importantly, we need a candidate who lives, eats and breathes American, understands the Constitution, does not interpret it, understands the founders, understands history and what it means to be an American. In the classic sense. Who will fight against the growth of government, who can get things done to reverse the mega shift to socialism! Who will fight for our way of life

We need a president who realizes this country was founded on the idea of “We the people” and was created by the consent of the governed, and that this consent can be removed at any time, a president who believes in founding American values, understands our history, and our Constitution as intended by our founders. Not a president who rules by decree like a king with subjects to be ruled over. We are truly living in extraordinary times

-Jerry Odom is the Iron Patriot

Comment by J L Mealer on August 29, 2011 at 9:29pm

Good afternoon Mr. (aka) Narboarson,

I was half joking about a Mealer/Mealer ticket, but did so because I really can't see ANY candidate (especially a politician) taking such a hardline stance such as outlined in my plans, even as a VP.  Which by the way, these plans and solutions will place not only Congress and their lobbyist handlers on severe notice and under the guise of their own individual and collective "intentional act(s) of their perpetuating" this National Debt Crisis which is (and MUST BE) a National Security Matter affecting the Citizenry of our great Republic. They will have no choice but to comply. No far left demonstrators can help cure this crisis and certainly no far right TV evangelicals are going to make an effort to do it [and chance losing their 501c2 tax exempt status].

Check for updates or allow me to fwd you copies of the plans... They could use a bit more cleaning up as it is, and I need to make them ready for the press in final form.

Yes, this will get the POTUS shot or something of that nature, but once the plan is rolling, it cannot be taken away or pulled back, so... The VP would need to have the same testicular fortitude as the POTUS.  because of statements such as these, I have updated and clarified a few details on my quickie candidacy website ( ).,

As far as "frightening" those (especially with the Citizens Party) who demand change, I doubt that anyone who is serious about fixing this nation with the stroke of a pen "nearly immediately", rather than four more years of the same, will agree with my concrete solutions.

Do you realize that my Drug Policy alone will  create an immediate 1 Mill or so jobs in the private sector with paid jobs training? I have some major players in discussions right now to get this rolling.... Plus the Latino vote, because my solution makes sense rather than the 'amnesty' or 'shoot them at the border' talk they always hear about.


There is not much anyone can do to avoid assassination, especially when it's the main power brokers who are calling your number. I expect to be somehow humiliated or killed before the voting takes place if anything. Once as POTUS - and I can see the feasibility with enough backing to simply spread the word of my plans/solutions - I can only hope for a shot that will allow me to crawl around so as to die fighting rather than dying without honor. Sorry, that's just the way I see it, so i will take it as it comes and allow as many armed Citizens at any rally or speech I give for back-up purposes.


With my Plans... There are no loopholes, escape routes or misconceptions and the transition will be far easier than this next recession we are heading into (especially considering that the new unemployment rate added to the current rate will double the mild standard to 15%-18%... Not considering those of us who gave up searching for jobs or who are underemployed and/or grossly underpaid or have had our businesses crushed by conglomerates and are no longer counted as "unemployed").


FYI, I temporarily erased one of your comments on my wesbite (PLEASE do not be offended), because someone commented that my candidacy website should not be linked to the failed (blocked funding by GM-GMAC) Mealer Automobile.... I will probably put it back because it's all part of my storyline.


By the way, Nader may be joining up with Paul for another political bandwagon bid to nowhere and even if I were not hoping for a Citizen's party slot, I would suggest steering clear of Nader and his public persona as weak and ineffective.


This season is ripe for unmitigated gall, undaunted leadership and hard hitting solutions by someone on the side of Americans Citizenry without missing a step on the roa

Comment by Scolos Narbarson on August 29, 2011 at 5:15pm

Good afternoon Mr. Mealer.No. I wouldn't say that your ideas are too presumptuous. They are distinct and bold and, in my personal opinion are important steps toward correction of what ails Our nation. They might frighten others here though...but I haven't seen any indications of this yet.

Forgive my ignorance, but would you be kind enough to explain what you mean by "Mealer/Mealer ticket"? I assume the first part would be you, but who do you have in mind for the second part?

Yes. I do like you solid plans. And i have not excluded you from consideration for candidacy when the Citizens Party Members are called upon for their final vote.

I really don't think Mr. Nader would accept a draft nomination from Citizen's Party. His time has passed, from his own decision and the failure of The American People to make him theirs.

And I really have no idea where Thom Hartmann is, regarding this.

It is my understanding that this page of this web site, is intended to feel out the membership about what they think the ideal President/Vice-President team would be...based on their understanding at the moment. Since my post below I had learned who you were and read your plans. I was favorably impressed by you and your views.

I am beginning to see that you really want the Citizen Party endorsement and this desire is a plus in your bid. Having the plans, you have presented, ready is a plus too. Without Congress, you will have to have a lot of support and action from We The People.

What are you prepared to do, to avoid assassination, if you receive the approval from Us to remove the Fed? You will have to be very careful.

You have done well to nudge on this page here. Well done.

Comment by J L Mealer on August 27, 2011 at 11:07pm

So... the MEALER/MEALER ticket is a bit too presumptuous?

Whomever is selected will need the solid plans up front that do not require Congressional approval and can be implemented before that candidate is taken out of the picture like other US Presidents of the past have done fighting the Fed.. et al.



Comment by Robert Stark on August 11, 2011 at 8:23pm

Jim Traficant/Paul Craig Roberts or Jim Traficant/Dick Lamm.

Comment by Scolos Narbarson on August 11, 2011 at 6:14pm

Ralph Nader and Thom Hartmann = Dream Ticket. ( But there are other good combinations). But the hard part would be electing a House and Senate that would support them. We should flush all the Democrats and Republicans out of all representative offices. But if We do We risk worse types getting into office. But, of course, this is up to the American People...or should be.



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