Hi  as  what I have see on TV  and in the newspaper i am so looking foward to 2012 for the election.Where to start what is wrong with America well you have states trying to pass a bill that curbs union rights of hard working Americans  which  would include teachers and a wide range of  professional jobs which include lay- offs  that will make the jobless rate go higher.

    My second thing which is wrong with America you have the Middle East  uprise in Egypt,Libya and other countries in that  area  which produces oil we get  and it is hurting everyone at the pumps.And the President is not going to use any Reserve oil we have in the United States.Then if that is the case  he sould stop taking trips in Air Force One  every time he turns around. Wake up President Obama people wants a changein 2012.If  this keeps going  people are going to have to buy a horse and wagon to get around.

 Third what is sad that the  Senate and House proposals didnt pass which means the  budget didn't passed for the fiscal year .And if they dont get one passed soon the Government will shut downhere is a start for them sence they havent done much for the people  they need a pay cut them  self or taxed real good .

  Part 2 comming soon

 Mark B Graham2012

 Citizens Party

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