We will be launching a votecitizens status blog in 2015. The votecitizens status blog will be a separate blog on a separate platform such as wordpress or another stable platform. The purpose of the new status blog is to provide a place for members to view the current technical status of votecitizens.org. The new status blog will list any current errors, maintenance, updates, disruptive issues, etc. on votecitizens.org. We will post the rss feed of the new status blog directly on votecitizens.org. The reason why we have elected to create the new status blog on a separate website and platform is in the event that votecitizens.org goes down completely due to planned maintenance, unplanned maintenance or cyber attacks. This is just an extra step to allow our members to still get important information and receive updates even if our main website goes down.

We will make an announcement on votecitizens.org and likely send out an email alerting everyone when our new status blog is up and running (along with the url) by the middle of 2015. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. 

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