Upper Class Presidents And The House And Senate, Do not have A Clue


When I vote, it is for the person, not down party lines. I always have to vote
for upper class politicians because that is the only "Social Class" ever offered
by the Demarcates and the Republicans. As a member of the "middle Class", the
Media does not provide any coverage to a "middle class" Presidential Candidate.
The 2 Party system never backs or supports candidates from "middle class," that
this article will show why the "upper Class," Politicians and the Media will not
consider a Presidential Candidate from the "middle

"Obama, cutting deficit helps jobs."

Cutting Wars saves lives and Billions of dollars. Obama Giving Tax cuts
to middle class one more Year. Wow, That could provide food on the table for
middle class families up to 2 Mouths, if they did not adopt 23 Foster kids.

"Obama, says Americans" desperately want to believe."

Middle Class does not want to believe. They seem
to love being victims, and have proved that for decades but always voting in
"upper class" Presidents, either Democratic or Republican, back only "Upper
Class," the majority of time, 97% out of 44 Presidents. The two party'' system
never picks a candidate from the "middle class."

Has "middle class" ever seen our controlling media corporations (controlled by the "Big
Six,") giving equal time to any "Middle Class" candidate. "

Read: "http://charliebigfeet.blogspot.com/2011/06/meet-big-brother-that-co....

The "Upper Class" Cannot, and will not give up power to the "middle Class," if they did, here is what could happen.

1. It would effect the life styles of the "Upper Class" and the "Elite Class.


2. It would stop them from their "Pork", (Ear-marks).


3. "Middle Class" Presidents, Senators, House of representatives, Would stop funding
Islamic Muslim Countries.


4. Withdrawal all American Military forces from all Islamic Countries, yes with oil.


5. Make all people making more than Middle Class $50,000 a year, pay fair share.


6. Stop American Corporations from not paying taxes.


7. Stop American Corporations from off-shore banking.

8. Stop American Corporations from outsourcing American Jobs than can be
done by qualified workers.


9.Stop American Corporations from out-sourcing manufacturing.


10. Fire or rehire, "The United States Department of Education, signed into law byPresident Jimmy Carter on October 17, 1979, it began operating on May 16, 1980.

The United States was first in the world as recently as 20 years ago, said Barry McGaw, director of education for the Paris-based Organization for Cooperation and Development. The 30-nation organization develops the yearly rankings as a way for countries to evaluate their education systems and determine whether to change their policies." "http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2005/09/us_schooling_fa.php"

"In 2010, American students rank 17Th in the world.:

Read Blog:
"Since May 16, 1980, United States Educational System Has Been Crumbling."

Elementary and Middle School Teacher, 2,343,000 Million, 81.9 %.

Department executives.
Arne Duncan, Secretary Anthony W. Miller, Deputy
Employees 5,000 (2007).
Annual budget US$32 billion (2009).
[1] US$56 billion (est. 2010)
US$71 billion (est. 2011)

I added vital information on resolving Americans educational problems because it can make or break a nations social-economical stability and status in the World.


11. To close 31 of 41 Southern US Border crossing and allow only Import and export vehicles to cross only. Till Mexico does their part of solving the Drug crossing through their country that nets Drug Lords around $60 Billion a year. Build more Military bases running near and running East to West. Military bases built for the troops. Also, It will provide additional security for our Southern borders.


12. Increase Boarder patrol by 300%


13. Keep Reminding both the Democrats and Republican to stop acting as little kids blaming each
other. For Congress do something for the middle class. Both parties are at fault for U.S. Problems.


14. Write laws to establish "Clean Bills" without earmarks attached.


15. Establish banking regulations that will protect Americans from another serious financial crisis.


16. Do not hire persons from major banks, and wall streets Big Boys on the block for Government
positions working with United States Economy.


17. Establish leading research center with best scientist to discover alternate sources for Oil and coal.

18. Decrease Military budget that has increased every year for the last 1o years for more weapons, because we will not create wars and interfere with other countries politics.


19. Decrease NASA Budget that has increased every year since its beginning. The other planets can wait. Discovering new life forms can wait. We need to work on a planet called earth and the humans that inhabit it, America first.


20. Will put cap the amount of funds for campaigning for president of the U.S. and Congress.


21. Put priorities on American health and well being and make sure medicare and Social Security are safe. The Government cannot borrow from Social Security.


22. Not funding Islam or Muslim countries. They can help each other.


23. Stop all bombings and missile attacks on other nations that do not like what their leader is doing to


24. Give Human aid to nations victims of natural disasters, as well has the starving children and families

that have darker Pigmentation of the skin than the dark brown skin people in nations with oil. Amazing because we reject lots on brown skin people south of us. The Middle Class people can save
American and accomplish this if they wake up and put people from the "middle Class." and stop voting based on the 2 parties pick that is always from the "upper Class. Do not vote based on Gender Looks. Always avoid the candidate that spends the most to give you the most BS. The Middle Class have done that 9
out of 10 latter presidents and over 82% of the Senators. Remember Congress has over 252 Millionaire not doing anything for the "middle class."

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