Today, I saw in the paper and online where President Obama was recently mocking Donald Trump for going on and on about his (President Obama's) birth certificate. Obama was also mocking several other people. Well, why doesn't he mock himself for the sorry job he is doing as President. Unemployment is still high and many other Americans are having a hard time getting to their jobs with the high cost of fuel. Our leader is refusing to tap into our oil reserves to ease gas prices after it was predicted that the price for regular unleaded was going to hit $5.00 a gallon by Memorial day. Obama needs to mock himself for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (we had no business being over there). They said it was to protect the people but everybody knows it was about oil and only oil. Instead of mocking people he should have been telling people how he was going to help the American people now and in the future.


As for Donald Trump, if you are going to run for President, then please talk about the issues that will help every American, instead of Obama's birth certificate. Donald Trump is not going to help every American as he has shown in the past.


Mark B Graham 2012





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Comment by christopher d martucci on May 3, 2011 at 5:47pm

If Donald Trump actually runs it will be worse for the country as a whole. They man is a showboat as many in office now are. I feel that the man deserves to be mocked for his "birther" ideas. the fact that so much time was wasted talking about it instead of real issues blows my mind. It shows very early on what Trump will do in the White House, waste time on non issues.


I agree with you that the national reserves should be opened to give all of us some relief on prices but that won't solve the real issues with fossil fuels. Prices are going to continue to go up every year till we figure out a better way.


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