The Voters-Media-Politicians Will Be The Death Of America.

The voters criteria for last 30 years and the reason American government is failing.The "middle-class" voters fall for the rhetoric political BS that spews from their mouths every election. It is so obviously staged and scripted when they talk.They run for the office because of a life time security even when they are out of office. They love the power that feeds their super-egos. They love the attention they receive. If,the politicians we elected to office cared for us "middle class" why is "Main Streets" citizens butts hanging out for decades. There are not many complaints from the wealthiest 6% of population.

All Member's of Congress are from "upper class" and that has worked out marvelous for us in the majority of the "lower classes."It's Not all voters fault entirely. CNN is the leading media in politics. They only show wealthy upper class politicians, and never show unwealthy candidates from the middle class. We would make commonsense decision, and not make the tragic choices the "upper class" politicians have made. Around the world, people are revolting against inadequate government.

Here in American we follow what the "Big Six" media corporations feed us, especially CNN the major puppet of the "Big Six."Media Corporations that has worked exceedingly well for the upper 6% of Americas population. Voter and the "upper class" politicians are just like alcoholic that blame others, and never take responsibilities. They keep doing the same dump things over and over and expect different results. Like an alcoholic, they will make promises they will not keep, and voters will believe them. The "middle class" voters are victims as co-dependents, and they love it. If they did not like the "upper class" running their government, they would get off their asses, and call all the media like CNN and ask to see candidates from the middle class. Possibly voting in one of their own, in the White House. The wealthy "upper class" do not want that to happen. Can you imagine all the key non-commonsense decision the "upper class" politicians have made that benefit the upper classes and have done nothing for the middle and working class since 1945. Politicians keep pointing fingers across the isles at each other.


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