The Experience of A "Middle Class" Presidential Candidate-2012-With Americas Media.

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(Chicago: Bellows-Reeve Company, 1909)8:297
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Modified by Charles
As a "middle class" Presidential Candidate-2012, I have approached considerable media down to a small town newspapers since I announced my Candidacy march 3rd 2011. Sent over 50 comments, 20 Blogs, My website, to CNN on all levels. Nothing. Why? Is it because I am not rich, or important, or they do not desire a Middle Class person near the Oval Office. I even called the biggest Paper in Roanoke Rapids, the Daily Herald, own by Wick Communications. I wrote 2 letters to Stephen Hemelt, managing editor, no response. Not even an email or courtesy call returned. Why? Is it because I am not rich, or important, or they do not need a Middle Class person near the Oval Office. I called the Warren Record, (112 North Main St. P.O. Box 70. Warrenton, NC 27589).
I talked to a Jennifer. She sounded so honest and caring, and I felt hope, as I gave her my Presidential Candidate website and my cell phone number. When I did not hear from Jennifer after 3 days, I called the newspaper and asked for Jennifer. The woman screened me and assured me if she had any questions she would call me. That is a cold shoulder. I called The Warren Record and spoke to a Jennifer. She sounded so honest and caring, 112 North Main St. P.O. Box 70. Warrenton, NC 27589. So not hearing after 3 days I called the paper and asked for Jennifer. After being screen as to the purpose of my call, She told me that if Jennifer has any questions she will call me. I said I would like a call from Jennifer with a Yes or No as to giving a local candidate running for president 2012,
media coverage. She took down the number.Not hearing back again from Jennifer, I called the Warren Record and asked who was the editor? A woman told me Jennifer Harris, BINGO! Now I knew why no common courtesy of returning my phone call, ShewasImportant and I was nobody to take serious. I told the woman at the Warren Record 112 North Main St. P.O. Box 70. Warrenton, NC 27589, That i would like a call telling me yes or not. She took my phone number down. Did I get a returned call? No. So I called the newspaper 2 days later and asked who was the editor of the paper? They said Jennifer Harris was the editor. Bingo!
Now I knew why no return call. I was not significant enough to return my call.

Warrentons population is around 7000 populations, much smaller than Roanoke Rapids with around a Population is 16957. So now I am down to my little town of Littleton, NC, 27850. Population in July 2009: 638. So I made a call to the Little Local paper, Littleton 27850 that consist of 4 pages front to back. It is owned by the Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer - Virginia/North Carolina News.

More than 100 people including Commissioner's and the Mayor know I am running for president. The Editor is Susan Snow, I have bucked heads with her, and she has proven to me, like most media newspapers, to be particularly elective as to what and who the write about. So they told me that the editor of Local paper, Littleton 27850 that is 4 pages front to back, and Editor of the Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer - North Carolina News. Susan Snow is out of town because of a death in the family, now that is the first legitimate reason for not calling me back. So we will see. Now remember they write about things happening. I am reading the front page 10 of 4 pages. The top Half is 2 stories. "Local Youth represents Mecklenburg, Electric Cooperative Educational tour. The
2 second article wasabout The Next play at the Lakeland Theatre. So lets see if the editor, Susan Snow, thinks a local "Middle Class" people running for President will fit on one of the 4 pages with 3/4 advertisements is worthy of bi-line. If the newspaper gives me an article in the 2 article newspaper, Littleton 27850, then maybe the Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer-North Carolina News, then Virginia headquarters for Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer. I do not ive by the lake or in the upper-neighborhoo. I live on $2023.00 Social Security. I use to live in a large house and live on the lake and drive an expensive car, owned motorcycles and RVs and boats. Myself being one of the "PO folks," Maybe why they do not want to cover my run for the White House. Hey thanks for letting me share my experience with the Media not giving any "Middle Class" candidate for President. It saved me the price of a therapist's that can cost over a $150.00 an hour. I use to be a Clinical Therapist, but I will not go to myself, your crazy.                             



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Comment by Scolos Narbarson on July 23, 2011 at 11:04pm

I am trying Charles. I do draw upon Spiritual Sources.

The Citizen Party seems to be attracting good hearts and minds. This gives me Hope and encourages me to greater efforts for a Better America.

There is a difference between "professional politicians" and "Citizen Volunteers for Leadership Office". You seem to be the latter.

Comment by Charles Earl Harvey on July 23, 2011 at 10:35pm

Scolos Narbarson I am honored you asked, I can tell by your words your heart and soul is good, and you are spiritual. You fly with the eagle.

Comment by Scolos Narbarson on July 23, 2011 at 9:59pm

God bless good Citizens like Charley. I signed his petition. He is running as an "Independent", but I wonder if he would be willing to run on the Citizen Party ticket?


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