Hello to all citizens !

I am new in joining the Citizens Party website as of the day of this post, but would like to share some of my thoughts on our wars.


Firstly, Since the united states organized and signed the Charter/Treaty with the UN in 1945 this gave presidents the authority to use our military to defend what that body deemed necessary to further its agenda's. They no longer must allow congress to vote for or against going to war. This treaty needs to be re-negotiated to stop that abuse by all its members.

Since 911 we now have in place the patriot act which allows the suspension of Habeaus Corpus. This allows the president to detain and imprison anyone under the term "enemy combatant" without trial or other reasons given for a indefinite amount of time.


The wars we are now in are a result of in my opinion illegal circumvention of our constitution. Presidents were not meant to hold that amount of power.

There is a military industrial complex made up of corporations and lobbyist to sway all members of the UN NATO alliance thus setting the agendas of our politicians to intervene in other countries where ever they see profit.  We the people of the United States have the most chance of stopping this corruption far better than any other country, however the odds are stacked against us via lack of corporate media access to third party candidates.

These wars we are now in cause much of the budget deficit, since 2001 I understand our military spending has increased around 80%. My percentage is not precise but close if I remember correctly.

And to me the worst parts are the unnecessary killing of the fine young American soldiers we have let go into contrived wars wrapped in the false impression of protecting our country. The notion of a war on terror is precisely the tool authority needs to continue its perpetual wars because this encompasses the entire globe even within our own borders with no wins or end game.

Until we stop these wars and end the patriot act and revise the UN charter, the continued wars and killing of innocent civilians in foreign lands and the deaths of many more young American military members will continue.

Neither of the other party's candidates ever speak of these issues as a main platform.

I hope some here in the Citizens Party will make this a top ticket issue.

Thank you for reading

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Comment by Keith John Ferguson on April 18, 2011 at 4:58pm
 Yes Tim i agree with you and the patriot act must be ended and we need to get of the U.N.


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