It seems that the news is full of dire warnings for the future of "Americass Middle Class".  This seems to be the current political catch phrase.  What is the middle class?  Since no one agrees on how to best define the term middle class, who are we saving?  Are we talking about the upper middle class, the lower middle class, or the middle majority?  Are we not concerned about the working class?  What about the homeless who can't get a job because they have no address?  Do we suddenly hate a man who has done well for himself?  I'm not talking about the corporate elite.  I am talking about someone who has done well, gives back to the community, and doesn't take advantage of others. 

We have allowed the economic crisis and the greed of a small percentage of Americans to pit us against each other.  I support many so called "middle class" initiatives beacause the are for the greater good.  What I don't support is the current environment of class hatred.  Why must an American be "middle class" to be worth bothering with?  So I will no longer support the "middle class."  I will support all Americans.


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