"Standards Of Decency" Clearer Guidelines For A Better America - Part 1

Maybe the Citizen Party could sponsor a whole New American Cultural Standards System. A system of "good" standards that are designed and intended to nurture and guide Our Nation, to help Us define Ourselves in all Our Diversity.

America's Citizenry, as well as the rest of its consumer population, covers a wide range of cultural and ideological elements. This makes it very difficult to achieve agreement on the ways and means to carry Our Nation forward, through the difficulties of now and toward its "Best Destiny". "Best Destiny" would be the highest and finest expression of the moral and ethical principles in Our Founding Documents, (especially the "Declaration Of Independence", the "First American Constitution" and the "Highest Teachings" from Our varied religions and philosophies) There is so much to include and rally around a "Great Core of Ideas", that would bolster Our Brave Beginnings, as a nation of Equal Opportunity, Justice and Liberty.

Our New Standards Of Living and Being have to master the art of, at least, partial harmonization between the contending political and social philosophies that give so much choice to Us. No easy task. But one worth starting. It will be tricky to find areas of agreement between such diversity, but it can be done. 

We might be surprized to discover how much "Common Ground" We could and do share with each other.

These New Standards don't have to be done all at once. Indeed they can't be. But they can be begun and utilized for Our Individual and Collective Guidance as a Sovereign and Good People. Every standard that can be constructed through study, discussion, consensus or majority will, is a plus in Our Nation's Guidance.

So. What should be Our very first standard in this "New American Cultural Standards System", (or whatever We decide to call it)?

How about "Worthiness To Be"? Is America worthy to be? As a great nation of a great People? If so, what makes Us thus? What makes Us a great People...that is building a great nation? Is it because We have taken the Liberty to become so? The responsibility? The good heart and mind?

Have We started well? Did We make mistakes? Have We corrected the "mistakes"? Are We constantly seeking the "Ways Of More and Better"? How do these ways, and the ways We have used them, measured up in the light of Our Highest Teachings? What starting statement can We make to establish the "Truth of Our Belief In Our Worthiness As A People and Nation"? It should be something great. Something that inspires and sets Our Desires to develope and have great standards of national guidance.

These ideas for a starting statement, for Our New Standards, have to come from You the Individual; the Citizen of Our Nation. Here...I'll get You started...

"We The People, for the most part and hopefully ever more so, are "Worthy" to Be Our Nation, because...???"


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