I have been a political activist for over 6 years, since being laid off when my I.T. department was phased out at a major university in 2006 (I was the MIS). Before that and during I took 2 dozen economics courses, wrote over 200 articles, which led to my being the Economics Editor at opednews.com, a leading progressive news blog with 250k-800k unique visitors a month. I also blog for the Huffington Post, Global Economic Intersection and Daily Kos.

From April 2010 until this month, I was president of the local chapter of Common Ground USA, a Georgist activist group seeking land tax reform based on Henry George's best-selling opus, Progress and Poverty. I have also been the NY Coordinator for the Public Banking Institute from 2011 until present.

My articles were anthologized at the request of a small publisher and released as a book, America is Not Broke! Four Multi-Trillion Dollar Paths to a Thriving America. You may find more about the book, as well as see/hear some of the 17 TV/Radio shows I was on recently to publicize the ideas in it this past fall, on this website: americaisnotbroke.net.

A more general list of my TV/Radio/Classroom presentations etc. may be found here: http://newthinking.blogspot.com/

Like many of you, I am dissatisfied to downright alarmed and disgusted by many of the candidates running for president currently, though at least one of them, Bernie Sanders, endorses one of the 4 key platforms of my book: Public Banking. The others are:

1. Sovereign Money, aka debt-free money.

2. Land Value Taxation - the Henry George Single Tax

3. Government Asset Reform - basically auditing and then repurposing the 10s of trillions in investable assets the governments of the country already have.

Our country is on an unsustainable economic course. I believe that without the tried and proven ideas I lay out in my book and articles, there is no way to create a just, sustainable, and growing economy that works for everyone.

I agree with 90% of the Citizen's Party platform (well, nobody's perfect!) and would like to add to it.

I would consider running as YOUR candidate, but no other party's endorsement interests me or aligns as closely to my beliefs and values.

What do you think?

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