Presidential Candidate for 2012 - Mission-Goals For American Middle Class


1.Bring all American Military home from every Muslim Islamic Country the day I'm sworn in as your President.


2. Stop giving Billions of dollars to Muslim-Islamic Nations that call us the infidels.


3. Stay out of all Middle East Conflicts.


4. let other countries solve their own political and economic problems.


5. Spend all the money we spend on unnecessary wars, and foreign aid on USA.

6. Fair and simple taxes. Toss out about 1000 pages of useless tax laws.


7. Stop trade and aid with Mexico.

a. Mexico encourages indigents to go to American to become our problem.

b. Mexico allows Drug lords in their country to make around $60 billion a year profit.

c. Mexico infiltrates our boarder system with corruption.

d. Mexico allows billions of tons of illegal drugs to pass through from Columbia and their own.

c. Mexico has corrupt law enforcement near and at borders.

d. Mexico fails to stop the killing on both sides of the boarders.

e. Mexico buys guns from America.

f. American is largest buys of the illegal drugs in the world.

When Mexico cleans up their act, then we will agree to trade with them.


8. Border security Sucks. Close all but 3 of the 43 board crossings on the 2000 mile S. Border.


9. Triple the size of Border patrol personnel.


10. Make All American companies pay taxes.


11. Hire Americans Before Foreigners Act. (HABFA)


12. No off -Shore Banking Act. (NOSBA)


13. Pay raise for all military personal up to the rank Colonel only

a. Increase Housing allowance.

b. Improve Veterans benefits.

c. Increase death benefits.

d. Improve Medical Assistance.


14. Start major research/top scientist to create alternate fuel for oil.

We hired the best scientist to make the biggest weapon known to mankind.

It was called the Manhattan project and the did it i n3 years at a cost of 20 Billion in 1943.


15. be better Neighbors to Canada, look at their History and ours before you judge.

a. how many Canadians have they got killed in unnecessary wars.

b They have more than 5,000 fueling stations (in Canada) to provide propane users comparable convenience when filling-up as is available to gasoline users. Why Propane For Your Car? ~ AUTOGAS Propane Ltd. (n.d.). Retrieved from

c. Number of homicides 610 in 2009. USA Firearm homicides-Number of deaths: 12,632.

d. the number of federal prisoners in sentenced custody on any given day declined over the past decade (since 1995/96) by 13%, from 14,100 to 12,300. USA 205,087 federal prisoners.

They have a much smaller population 33,739,900 - 2009 compared to 307,006,550 - Jul 2009, but USA has a higher ratio/1000. Don't be a Neanderthal and say, " if you like Canada so much move there"

I am sharing facts. I know all of you want to hear is " We live in the greatest country on Earth" as we bury are dead soldiers from unnecessary wars, stand in the unemployment office and watch our jobs and money going to foreign countries. Do not shoot the messenger.


16. Stop increasing the military budget. We have the largest military budget in the world, 57% of all worlds military budget. More that China and Russia by a huge percentage.

Remember, if we take care of America and quit trying to save the middle East, we will not need to spend billions on more toys for the boys like the stealth bomber B@ at a cost of $60 billion each.


17. Cut NASA budget. Congress approve another 3 billion for a space ship to go to the moon and back. NASA spends billions every year searching for other planets to live on. NASA has searched for alien life form for decades. Like Steve Hawkins, said, " We may not want to find them."

Lets concentrate on earth and the American people for the first times in 50 years. When we build up America, then we can continue to search for aliens and new planets, to move to after we destroy this one.


18. Clean Bills with no ear-marks or pork attached.


19. No pay increases for all Congress member's for 10 years.


20. Set up a Government Data Center for the President. Called "The Right To Know", And it will have updated information on how each congressman voted on what Bills. What bills they created and who will it help. It will also list all stock holdings and investment of each member of congress. The site will be available on the Internet 24-7 for the people and the media.

21. Banks will be held to a higher standard of qualifying people for buying a home and even a higher standard for those buying more than one home.


22. Fix or remove the Department of Education. It has been a total failure and making America in the lower standings education. in the World

a. Reward good teacher and fire bad teachers. Teaching is the most important job in America and we are failing.


23. Implement a special large military unit usually consisting of between 10,000 and 15,000 soldiers,

with special skills as Special Operations and navy Seal Teams like Team #6. The best of the best to seek, capture or kill individual or groups terrorist. Not to send in 160 thousand troops going into a country like Iraq and creating death and Mannheim by our presence, and not killing many terrorist that attacked America. Or into Afghanistan chasing them into the hills or into Pakistan that cannot find any one important living in the neighbor hood. We would save Thousands of lives and Trillions of dollars we spend mostly on fuel. We will attack individuals responsible for attacking Americans not nations unless the nation is the leader of the attack.


24. To make sure Medicare and Social Security are secure.


25. To repair and build roads, bridges and highways


26. To be the first President to help the middle class since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

When I entered the search words in Goggle:

"Name any Presidents that help the American middle class the most."

My web page came to the top.


27. Give elected a new vehicle to drive and if they want a limousine they can pay for it.

Remember 252 members of congress are millionaires and other members of the upper class making more than us in the middle and working class.


28, As your president i will not be using Air Force One for my vacations. I will pay for my own transportation and you people pay the secret service that will come with me.


Note: Number 27 and 28 were given to me by a "hard working "American that called me from WVA.

We had a nice talk and it made me feel it was worth while to try and break done the wealthy politician " Upper Class: door, only  available for "middle Class and below for over a hundred years.

Here, is his comment unedited.


E MAIL: "my comment is COMMENT my grand farther told me a long time a go we need a poor persons in the Whitehorse to bring us out of this mess and i believe that that is what all americans need to do is elect a poor person to office"


I did not disclose his name because if I should get the media attention than any person running for president deserves, no mater if rich or poor, When the slings and arrows start flying at me from political candidates that will do and saying anything even if true or false, I do not want any to hit my new friend and supporter from WVA.


Charles Speaking

November 9Th at 7PM -10PM

McDaniel College
     2 College Hill
  1Westminster, MD 21157















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