What States is this party active in?   After running in a county election as a Democrat I've decided to look for a new party home.   I'd like to see a strong 3rd party in Wisconsin that I can truely support. 

I've read the platforms in Wisconsin for the following Parties,   Amercian First, Libertarian, Reform, Unity, Constitution, Natural Law, Republican, Democratic, Wisconsin Green, Progressive Dane, Socialist and Wisconsin Partiot.   Each fails on a major issue with me.  Progressive Dane is a local county party that does not apply however I'd consider it if I was in that county. 

Reading the Citizens Party Platform I can agree with nearly all of it and it matches my beliefs on the major issues.   

I'd like to be part of bringing the Citizens Party Platform forward in Wisconsin and our Nation.  


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Comment by Michael Thompson on August 23, 2016 at 12:32am


We have members in every state and are working on building a strong party infrastructure in every state. I will send you a private email sometime this week with more information. 


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