Middle Class-Take Over The White House For The First Time Before it Is Too Late for America



I was talking politics with Cindy J, a medical Assistant, at Rural Health Group
of Lake Gaston, Located in my city of Littleton. I shared with her that no media
has given myself or any "middle class" candidate running for President 2012.
Sandy said, (Para-phrasing) " of course not, if all the social classes below the
"upper class" saw one of their own,they may vote them in by a landslide."


Remember that the American society functions on
a Five Class Pyramid Structure.

Level One: Elite Class, of 400 wealthiest Americans
(most Power and makes sure that things remain status Que, like American
dependence on oil, coal, and wars are always beneficial for the top levels.

Level Two: Upper Class. The Upper Class
Citizens that keep the Upper Class Politicians in the White House, and Congress.
The White House and Congress dominate the middle class, and all classes below
Upper Class Media Corporations do not want a middle class President.
That is why they do not give any equal time coverage as they give to the Upper
Class Candidates.
Major Corporations are part of level One and Two and they
fund and lobby the upper class Politicians, to keep the middle class, The Third
level, down and from achieving access to the White House, other than as citizens
on a guided tour.

Level Three: Middle Class.
They lose jobs Because Major American Companies outsource both jobs and
manufacturing. They are the majority of the unemployed that make under $50,000 a
year. The upper class politicians accept Major Corporations to outsource both
jobs and manufacturing. The allow American companies to have off shore banking
as well has many do not have to pay any tax. The Middle class allows this to
happen because they think if they vote for their party, that is always from the
upper class everything will be OK. They have done this since 1945. Instead of
voting for a person that has lived as a middle class or Lower-middle class
making under $25,000 a year or living on Social Security like myself, Charles
Harvey, MSW. I am well educated and would make the commonsense decision we the
people would make that was best for America, not foreign countries.

Level Four: Lower Middle Class-Working Class,
making under $25,000 a year. Many collecting an unemployment check. Some have to
work several low paying jobs to survive.

Level Five: Poor
. Mostly, Class-Poor Class. Senior citizens trying to live
on $600 to $800 a month. People on welfare. "Who gets welfare? Despite
prevailing stereotype, whites, not blacks, collect greatest share of public aid
dollars. Say the word "welfare" and immediately the image of the lazy Black
wellare queen who breeds for profit surfaces in the minds of those who have come
to believe the hideous stereotype. It is a myth that persists despite government
figures and authoritative studies showing that Whites overwhelmingly reap the
lion's share of the dole."

the lower levels below level Two, voted for one of their own, then we would have
a chance to bring all troops from all Muslim nations immediately. Stay out of
other Nations political problem. Stop funding Iraq. Pakistan, Afghanistan and
let Muslim countries that are neighbors to Libya help them. Lets help Americans
now. Not, upper class or elite classes that have kept us down. Here, is the
kicker. Most voters are democrats or republicans. Both political parties always
end up with upper class candidates, never one from the Middle class. So off to
the polls the the middle classes go. They will vote another upper- class person
to join the elite club, that have done more for themselves and foreign
countries, than for America. They maintain an Independent president could not
get the two parties to work together. So tell me the last time anyone has seen
both parties in both the house and senate work together except to go to war, and
allow American companies outsource jobs and manufacturing Letting wall street
devastate Americans. The allowed major corporation not pay taxes and allowed
offshore banking. The list is much longer of destruction the Upper classes have
done to the middle class. That is why they Media does not give equal time to
political candidates from other classes below the upper classes and elite. That
is why they blow up to $1.0 billion dollars to brain wash the middle class with
all the media tools available. Upper Class Candidate will blame the President in
Office, or the other party for all that is wrong with American. Both parties
have been blaming each other for decades. The media reports tat China and other
countries that control what the public sees but the Big Six Media Corporations
do the same thing as China. If, all media would spend the same amount of time on
the middle-class candidates for president as they do Upper class and sex scandal
then it would be possible for a Middle Class Candidate to become president. Will
the Middle Class get mad as hell, and start contacting media, and demand they
give coverage to middle class candidates running for President of the United
States. Will the Middle Class the same thing as they do every election? Will we
follow the path of the Fall of the Roman Empire? Read my Blog. Is The United
States Following The Path Of The Former Roman Empire "http://charliebigfeet.blogspot.com/2011/06/is-united-states-followi...."

Charles Harvey Middle Class Candidate

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