Making the Citizens Party come to life in 2012

We must make the Citizens Party come to life for 2012. We should step it even to another level  by getting the many levels of the  media to know all about the Citizens Party and passing it on to the people of the United States so they can see  what we stand for  .Also we must use the net to the max like  volunteers to  blog  and twitter non stop  the net is the best tool we have beside the foot troops of the Citizens Party  giving out fliers and getting people to sign petitions to get this great party on the ballots in every state of this great country.You are right people want a common sense approach all the problems we are facing  like lower Health care, Education, Social Security,Unemployment,Global Warming,Keep Jobs in the United States,There are many more that needs  to be fixed right away or  the future  will have more problems than ever .People are tired  of the two party system and not getting any where they want new fresh ideals for the future  We must not stand by and let it go pass us  when we can make a stand and get the Citizen Party in the White House in 2012

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