Major Media Corporations Like The Big Six, Do Not Give Any Equal Time To "Middle-Class" Candidates


1The "middle class" that makes up 72% of our population. The middle class" cannot out spend the Wealthy, that buys The presidency every election, with the Help of CNN/Time Warner and part of GE that did not pay taxes on $14 plus billions dollar profit. But the "middle class" can out vote them if we can get coverage of one of our own people from the middle class. But The major media corporations like the Big Six, do not give any equal time to a middle class candidate, that does not have the big bucks, Unknown, Is not a politician or is famous or wrote a book. CNN stated that what is needed and preferred is the Governor's, Past or present. What is funny that CNN and the Big Six Media corporations prefer upper class and wealthy to be the President of the United States or members of Congress and especially the Senate. It is amazing that 252 members of Congress are millionaire. And we only have 100 Senators that are the wealthiest and 435 state Representatives, making well over the $50,000 that is considered middle class. 41 of 44 presidents were former politicians. So is the major media corporations like CNN controlling what we see? When it comes to power in Washington it is not going to be someone in the white house from middle class. CNN is brilliant in appearing to care about the middle class and the poor, and they do if they do not run for Congress or. the White House. They show mankind' suffering through wars and natural disasters. Their favorite stories are the ones that have sexual sensation to them. I heard a CNN reporter say live on Camera, that the story about Rep. Anthony Weiner that the media will not let it die, LOL, CNN is the leader in keeping it alive. Go on the Internet and enter Anthony Weiner About 101,000,000 results (0.17 seconds and if you just enter Weiner you will get about About 115,000,000 results (0.15 seconds). If you do a google search and enter, "the middle class presidential candidates 2012" you will see it is filled with Charles Harvey for president 2012.On the first page, you will see" 2012 Presidential Candidates," Harvey 2012 - 2012 Presidential Candidates, " "Cain vs Harvey - 2012 Presidential Candidate Comparisons," "Voice in the Wilderness: Presidential Candidate for 2012 - Mission." "Harvey vs Miller - 2012 Presidential Candidate Comparisons,". At the top of the page, you will see: Starred results for middle class presidential candidates 2012 2012 Presidential Candidates - 2012.presidential- Charles Harvey on the Ballot for President ... -

I have written, over 100 Blogs on my views, I have made over 30 videos and posted them on You Tube.

I have I have written over 15 email on CNN web page. I have posted more than 50 blogs on face Book. I have tweeted to all the top Anchors on CNN.. I also called today, 6/15/2011. I called the CNN News line, and the recording said leave a phone number, and they will call back in five Min's. So after an hour, I called again and got a human. I told her about Middle Class candidates not getting any coverage by CNN. I asked if i can make a complaint. She then referred me to a recording, that referred me to another recording. I left a number and CNN will not follow up because I am middle class, Unknown and a nonpolitical. God Bess American. You see it is not about me, Charles Harvey, it is about the middle class and working class. We are being kept from the media when we try to become President. We have freedoms with some limitations. It is similar India's socioeconomic Classes. India has 5 class levels. if your not on level 5 picking up human excrement, then we are lucky, as middle class and working class Americans.We should shut up and be grateful for what we never get, Oh! I mean have. So if this Blog makes you mad, then let CNN know, " Your Mad As Hell And You Are Not Going To Take It Any More." and email them, face book them tweet them, send a note to them by carrier pigeon. Tell them to interview "middle-class" candidates like myself, Retired on $24,276 Social Security. I am very well educated, and if you go to my web page and look at my 28 mission and goals I have listed, and like most of them, because it is common- sense goals. Main street like my goals as your President. But Wall Street does not want any part of them. Then get me media coverage or my name on the ballot. If you do not think I may be the candidate for representing the "middle-class" as your President, then vote down party lines like most do. Also you can believe the BS they tell you like politicians have since Franklin D. Roosevelt died. Also on my main page watch my self made recording, talking to you sitting in a field wearing a straw hat and talking to you as you will understand what I'm saying. You decide if I am telling the truth. No Staff. No funding. I am not telling it is the President's fault or the Democratic or Republicans. But all the Upper class former politicians of both parties and many Presidents collectively are responsible for selling out America and the middle and working class. Try a real down to earth middle class independent like myself. I Believe that either party want a "middle-class" American like myself to be joining the elite, "upper class" of Congress. Hell, they do not even want me to be washing dishes in the White House.

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