Hi. I am in favor to legalizing and the growing, harvesting hemp in the United States.It can be very good for the United States. It can be used as medical marijuana which can help those that are in pain or terminal illness. Also, it can help the farmers that are about to lose their farms in the Midwest. They can switch their farms to hemp farms which will help them pay their bills and loans. Another good part is no deadly chemicals used to grow these plants

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Comment by Taylor Watts on February 26, 2015 at 5:28am

I want marijuana to be legal for medical and recreational. Hemp can be used to make biodegradable plastic and to build houses as a cleaner type concrete. The FDA has the scientific data so what is the hold up? Great article. The cannabis industry/hemp industry will and has brought many jobs and has revitalized the American worker. Think about all the jobs and the American manufacturing linked to the cannabis industry. I will name just a few, the growing and selling of marijuana, the products for soil, the lights, the warehouse space, renting, real estate, t shirts, DVDs, training course, doctors, nurses, farmers, baking, oils, glassware, vaporizers, building, containers, and on and on...Bring back American manufacturing and jobs. This is one way.


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