There are various character limits that apply to posts, comments and replies here on This article lists these character limits.

Keep in mind that these limits are measured in HTML characters, which include spaces and formatting tags, so if you paste formatted text from another source, it may contain a fair amount of hidden HTML characters. Pasting text as plain text will help avoid this issue.

Messages and Post Character Limits

  • Profile Text box: 100,000 characters
  • Blog posts: 100,000 characters
  • Forum posts: 100,000 characters
  • Private messages : 10,000 characters
  • “Longer answer” profile questions: 4,000 characters
  • Event descriptions: 4000 characters
  • Pages: 1,000,000 characters

Replies and Comment Character Limits

  • Forum replies: 40,000 characters
  • Blog comments: 40,000 characters
  • Profile comments: 5,000 characters
  • Group comments: 4,000 characters
  • Event comments: 4,000 characters
  • Photo and video comments: 4,000 characters
  • Page comments: 4,000 characters
  • Status comments: 4,000 characters

You’ll see an error message if you try to post something that exceeds these limits. You can use a tool like our Cut & Paste Character Count to help you calculate the exact number of characters in a post or comment. 

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