In 1976, the total cost of electioneering was $540 million.

The cost of the presidential campaign in 1996 was $232 million. The 2000 national election campaign in total may well have cost over $1 billion.

Charles Harvey, Presidential Candidate-2012, from the "middle-class," has spent less than $500.00, out of his monthly Social Security check.
He learned to make a presidential video for a cost of $82.00. He speaks his own words from his heart, mind, and soul.
He is well-educated and capable of saving America and the "middle class," The "upper Class" are doing just fine.
The American, (?) Media has refused to interview candidates from the “middle class,” especially if they are not politicians, a politician, or well-funded.
Give a voice to the "Middle Class"
A must see American photo album before you vote for another “upper class” Politician.
Thank you for your support.
"May God embrace you in his Angels wings, and give you Peace, Joy and Love, as you soar through the clouds of life challenges before you"
By: Charles Harvey
"I have to live for others and not for myself: that's middle-class morality."
George Bernard Shaw




Dedicated to healing America’s wounds, and help the "middle class" that makes up 72% percent of the population. The middle class" cannot out spend the Wealthy that buys the presidency every election, but the "middle class" can out vote them. We need a highly educated person from the "middle class," like me. What has the "upper class" politicians accomplished for the "middle class?" and the "working class" in the last 40 years," Nothing! It's time, for the "middle class" to move into the Oval Office. I am that man that can, from the "middle class," and for the "middle class." "Middle Class," Is going to sell the White House, to a "upper class; “politician, with the most Funds raised. Give a Voice to the "Middle Class," Insist that CNN, and Media, give Television time, to Charles Harvey, Presidential Candidate-2012, from the "middle class," that has not ask for a Penney in funding. All he asks is to give him the rights as stated in the Constitution, to every American candidate of all classes.





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