How to Seek the Citizens Party 2012 Presidential Nomination

Here is our current rules and information for 2012 Presidential & Vice-Presidential candidates seeking our nomination at the 2012 Citizens Party National Convention as of 5/12/2011:

Citizens Party Presidential Candidate Requirements: In addition to federal requirements*, the Citizens Party requires the following from all candidates seeking the 2012 Citizens Party Presidential & Vice-Presidential nominations (including draft candidates).

1. Candidates must submit their name, address, phone number, email address and a short statement declaring that they are a legal U.S. Citizen and registered to vote.

2. Candidates must complete and return the Citizens Party Candidate Declaration Form (Intent to Run and Good Government Pledge).

3. Candidates must complete our new extended candidate questionnaire.

4. Candidates must complete a background form along with a copy of their resume.

5. Complete atleast one Interview with representatives of the Citizens Party.

6. Candidates must make a commitment to answer member questions (from the Citizen's Agenda).

7. Submit the dual requirement of paper petitions and on-line endorsements from voters.
Citizens Party presidential candidates must submit paper petitions signed by 100 registered voters, from each of 5 states. The candidates must also receive 2,500 on-line endorsements. This dual requirement translates into a grand total of 500 written signatures, plus 2,500 electronic messages of support.


Candidates seeking our Vice-Presidential nomination must submit paper petitions signed by 40 registered voters, from each of 3 states. In addition, the candidate must also receive 400 on-line endorsements. This dual requirement translates into a grand total of 120 written signatures, plus 400 online messages of support.


8. Candidates must be registered as a member of the Citizens Party (or
independent / no party if Citizens Party registration is not available in their state) at least 120 days before the scheduled start of the national convention. (NOTE: Candidates of other political parties are not eligible to seek the Citizens Party Presidential or Vice-Presidential nomination.)  

These requirements are not meant to be further hurdles for potential candidates. Instead, they are intended to show the public that we have serious candidates with lots of support from the American people. These requirements will ultimately strengthen our party and each of your campaigns.

Additional requirements may be added at a later date. Please check back often.



*Our FEC code is CIT. Our Presidential candidates will need that code to complete their FEC paperwork.



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