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  • Target: Middle Class Americans

  • Sponsored by: Charles Harvey for President 2012
    For the last 50 years money, special
    interest group have bought the Presidential office. 400 of the richest Americans
    have more money than 150 million Americans combined. less that 2% of Americans
    make between $200.000 to $250,000 year, and they buy the white house. 9 out of
    10 Presidential candidates with most funds and special interest groups have won
    the Presidential elections and over 83% of the House and Senate winners were the
    ones with the largest campaign funds. The White House and Congress is being
    bought. The irony is 72% of the middle class that makes lest than $50,000 Year
    let it happen. They can make a difference. How? Sign This petition to put
    Charles Harvey on the Presidential Ballot for 2012, Also demand that Media give
    equal interview time to all candidate, not just Rich and famous. American have
    put the last 44 Presidents in that were former Politician, That is why we are in
    problems. That is why the middle class looses ever election. Get media to
    interview well educated qualified candidates from middle class like my self that
    lives on $2103.00 a month off Social Security. See my web page, , and
    also see a website tat shows all candidates running for President, not just the
    rich and well known and famous. It also list myself and the views of all
    candidates on all issues.
    you have heard that the President has to be from one of the 2 parties,
    Democratic or Republican to have the 2 parties work together, and that an
    independent or Liberal could not get the 2 house to work together. Now tell me
    how many times you have see both parties work together. The rich and powerful
    only want Democrats or Republican presidents. Another question, What has any
    President, or Congress done great for the middle class since 1980. Please sign
    the this petition to put Charles Harvey on the Ballot for President 2012. Please
    contact CNN, all Media, John Stewart or the Steve Colbert Show to sit down and
    talk with me and other unknown candidates. Do yourself a favor and the Untied
    States of America. Thank You

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