Fundamental Change - Part Three - It Is A Product Of "Positive" Or "Negative" Force.

Fundamental Change – Part Three – It Is A Product Of Positive Or Negative Forces.


We achieved “Fundamental Change” in the Colonial Beginnings. Many of the Poor Working Class found fresh opportunity to become More and Better. Prosperity increased to those that worked hard and were smart enough to seize and exploit opportunities. Entreprenuerism, especially agricultural, was entered by most as soon as they completed their terms of indentureship. 

 This was so successful that it stimulated reactionary responses from “the few”…those little “e” elite that would control “The Many”. (The “few” are those Humans that do not find anything wrong with the domination and exploitation of other Humans…who think it is their “right to live large off of the labor of others, or “trick”, or “take” the wealth earned by others.)  This response of the few happened about the same time that products that could be shipped as trade goods became available. Attracted by the new area for profit and the perceived potential for huge increase, the wealthy and powerful turned their attention to the New World. The aggression soon began.

Laws were passed to control. Troops were sent to control. Spies and agents began their work. This was further stimulated by reports and rumors that the Colonists were beginning to entertain thoughts of self-rule and independence as a new economic region with limited relationship with The Crown.

How dare The Many become strong and Fundamentally Change the order of things, the sacred status quo. They produce for Us, not themselves!

Fundamental Change has its enemies…who would change back the change. I suppose We could say that the process to undo Fundamental Change is in itself the reverse form of Fundamental Change…especially if the Fundamental Change gets successfully established.

So, We see that Fundamental Change can be used for improvement toward More and Better, or to counter that Evolutionary impulse. The Many will use Fundamental Change for the greatest known possible Good for The Many. The few will use fundamental change for the greatest possible “good” for the few. We could identify Fundamental Change as “Positive” or “Negative”. All this being in reference to what We mean by “More and Better”.

More and Better operates off of the basic principle We could name the “Principle Of The Greatest Earned Benefit For The Most People”. Notice my insertion of the word “Earned”. Everything “Good” should be earned through application of the best self in Life. Benefit is Good. The More People it benefits, the Better. No where, (that I know of), in Our Sacred Texts and Highest Teachings, does it tell Us that the few should rule and exploit The Many. Any mindsets , philosophies, or ideologies that do advocate this is a perversion of the Evolutionary Teachings. An attempt to deny the Divine Truths of them.

The Evolutionary Direction for Fundamental Change, as applied by an increasingly enlightened Many, is the desirable direction…for Us and Our Creator. The de-evolutionary direction works against Us and Our Creator.

We cannot know everything about what Creator wants for Us, but We have a good base of information from which to continue Our Evolution. The further we Evolve the More Information We will receive from the Source Of All Knowledge…from the Spirit Of Truth.

What ever changes, We The People choose to make, they should be based on Our Best Knowledge Of Goodness, as well as Our Felt Needs. For every change We make We should always seek to see the consequences attendant on each decision. There will always be a down side, but if this is rendered less significant by the Up Side For The Many, then We should not be afraid to commit Ourselves to said change.

This why education is so important. It will reveal to Us, as much as possible, the pros and cons of changes we think We might like to make. Which We would like to because of the “harm” not changing it would cause. We will begin changes from the position of Our Individual and Collective Experience in Life. Augmented by the application, in education, of Good Mind and Heart…the willingness to become the best Children Of GOD that We can. A status that will bring tremendous reward.

In Part Four of this blog series, I can begin to identify more specific areas where We SHOULD direct Fundamental Change For The Many. (In my opinion of course).

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