Fundamental Change. Part One - An Attempt To Identify And Understand, The Concept.

Fundamental Change is "Foundational Change". It is a deeper phenomena than "Surface Consequential Change" that occurs in the daily course of a planet's population's living. It is more intentional and targeting. It seeks to get at and correct the roots of problems. Change in which that which does not work is replaced with that which does. All Evolution and More and Better events and states is based on improvement toward an ideal goal of stronger establishment of changes that produces More and Better...for more and more Citizens. (in a social and political context)

But, before We can proceed toward these Fundamental, or Foundational Changes, We have to learn and decide just what is the desired the context of a particular cultural environment, or Human State.

What IS The Cultural Ideal that We, as Americans, strive for? Can information about this be found?

First of all We should recognize that the "Ideal", (that Fundamental Change reaches for), will be the product of the combinations of many Ideals and Ideas. Just as "no man is an island", so too can no Idea remain unconnected...if it is to be part of the systems that We use to gain experience in Life. So...when We say "The Ideal", We mean the collective sum total of all the ideas and ideals We use, (or try to use), to Live well. The fate of all singularities, is to be a part of pluralities.

Since this is about America and Americans, (which I believe is an appropriate foundational focus for Our Quest), then We need to seek out the information that most specifically pertains to Our Foundations. We must do Our Best to return to Our Beginnings as Americans. In that beginning lies the information We need to understand what needs to be changed. addition to the beginning there is also the rich heritage that has emanated from that beginning through application in Life of its ideas and ideals. We may find that what is recognized as failing the beginning ideal is in the execution of its principles. The usually subtle turnings that take Us away from The Foundational Ideal. We can call these turnings "error". For many reasons error occurs. Error is the beacon from which We can eventually learn to do Better...or would that be the "shadow" from which We can find the beacon to do Better. Follow the shadow to the light. Error is the point from which We can begin to correct. Error is the darkness from which We can emerge into the Light of More and Better. We are fortunate whenever We discover error...or come to recognize it as such. But it can be insidious. Insidious because of the incredibly wide diversity of the Human Mind.  One person might see error as such, while another one might see error as "correct". This comes from the way that Human Personality functions. But We should try to remember that there are some personalities that cannot see error as such because it serves their purpose. Some call this denial.

It might help here, to think, say and agree that error is that which brings "harm" to Many. This does not include the Many bringing harm to themselves through selfish practices. The more harm, the more error...the darker the dark...even unto evil.

So. We might begin to find that which Fundamental Change is applied to, by examining Our Beginnings and by examining that which has proceeded in Life from those beginnings.

Let Us agree that, for the sake of a clear point of "Beginning", of America, We establish the Historical Period of the "First Colonies". When the first Europeans came to these shores to build new lives. They came as Individuals and as "Corporations". Most of them came as part of a corporate effort. Most of the primary investors in these corporations stayed behind. Theirs was the financial risk. It fell to the colonizers to take the physical risks. This was a cooperation between the few and the Many, that afforded benefit and great opportunity to the Many. Opportunity, through risk and hard work, to gain what the few already had. Wealth and Power. Status and prestige. The Honor of success, instead of the dishonor of failure to rise above poverty. Often the goal was even just a little improvement in one's Life. Desperation seeking relief.

This was part of what was at the beginning of America. From this part, can We discern anything that was error? Anything that was harmful to The Many? Anything that drove desperate people to desperate acts? Can you see what the error consisted of? On the part of the few? On he part of The Many? Could Fundamental Change have helped at this point in American Beginnings?

Part Two of this blog series will take a look at the next phase of American Beginning...the successful establishment of the colonies and the price that was paid for them. The further discernment of error that came with Good Aspirations.

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