Fundamental Change - Part Five - Narrowing Our Focus - Fundamental Rights In The Declaration Of Independence

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“Seven Fundamental Governance Rights”

As a “blogger”, I sometimes prefer to “bounce off of”, or “build upon”, other written works that I feel deserves a response in the forms of clarification, enhancement, or courteous rebuttal. These works are wonderful foundations to help me learn, expand and express my personal ideas about the subjects they address. I am grateful for the hard work these other authors have performed. They are stimulating and contribute to the solutions of the problems that face Humanity today. Because of them, the problems We face may eventually fade from Our Lives…leaving Us the energy and time to fulfill America’s Great Destiny as a Planetary Cultural Leader for the Evolutionary Progress of Our Species.


God bless all of you Good writers that seek to help solve Our Dilemmas.


From: From part of an article by Stephen Neitzke


We can derive seven fundamental governance rights from the first part of the DOI's (Declaration Of Independence), second paragraph. Those seven fundamental governance rights are --

1.    Individual citizens have the fundamental right to be politically equal with all other citizens.

I have to try and qualify and explain this, because of a condition I believe it should have. Political Rights have to be earned with “Good Citizenship”. Application of self to the constant improvement of Our Culture, through self-improvement that enables Us to be a bigger contributor to Our Families, Communities, States and Nation.

Good Citizenship includes efforts to learn, understand, discuss and vote, (In a successful Direct Democracy Environment preferably) to correct old problems that plague America and to establish new and Better Ways to become and be a Great People Of Earth.

“Political Equality” should be an “Earned Right”. The “Earning” is what makes this right a “Fundamental Right”.

The criminals and all those “consumers”, (a pre-citizenship status), who are too busy, (or just plain not interested), to participate in their government, like they should, have not earned “Political Equality”.

If a Citizen studies, discusses and votes their highest conscientiousness in Our Nation’s Issues, then they have earned “Political Equality”. We The People must be More than just “Takers” from Our Society and Our World. We must be the Good Heart and Mind of it and a functional part of the decisions made in, of and for it.

2.    The sovereign people have the fundamental right to speak for themselves, in their voting majorities.

Yes. “In their voting majorities”…and also as their personal and Individual positions about matters of the nation. Without these personal positions there can be no “collective will”. A majority is an accumulation of Individual common opinions and attitudes that works to achieve a direction and ever improved state for their society, culture and nation, (which enhances their Lives in return). This is the maximum value of Individuality…the basic living building unit of Finite Creation.

3.    The sovereign people have the fundamental right to be their own sovereign masters, democratically and directly electing all of their public servant representatives.

Here too I have to disagree in part. There are two, (maybe more), kinds of “Fundamental Rights”. One is “God Given”, such as the right to Live and “Earned”, such as the right to own and bear firearms. And there maybe some rights that are fundamental because We, in our Wisdom, say so.

IF, an Individual conducts their life with Good Heart and Mind, Good Works and as a Contributor To One’s Society then they have the Earned Fundamental Right to be their own sovereigns, (kings). Masters of their own destiny with “Recognition Standing” in their societies. This should hold true even if the Individual is “Homeless”. Just so long as he, or she, participates actively in their government in Good Citizenship, lives crime free and is not a parasitic burden to others. Preferably if they produce something of value to others in the community…even if it is picking up trash along the roads and in the parking lots.

I also believe that a Man , or Woman, who chooses not to be the Good Citizens that We need them to be, are still the Sovereigns of their own lives, but in a weaker form. We have the God Given Right to choose what We will be and do, in Our lives. This Truth IS part of the Divine Plan for Creation.

The matter of “…democratically and directly electing all of their public servant representatives.” may not be the ideal. A problem may be in the concept of “representation” itself. Especially given the present state of Human Morality and Ethics.

If We are “Sovereign” shouldn’t We be representing Our Self and not placing that responsibility on others? Isn’t that why We should be making Our Own Laws and not leaving this vital task up to others…in the sense that they do this for Us? I believe that this would be a thing of misplaced trust. History has proven this. Representatives get corrupted easier than a majority of Us. The corporations can’t buy Us all out. Or can they?

This helps me to see another meaning for the term: “King Of Kings”. The Great King Of American and possibly further on to Humanity On Earth, is made possible when enough of Us cooperate, as a majority, to become this powerful planetary being. Here, I do not intend to usurp the glory of the Greatest Of All Kings, but merely to contribute Our Fair Share to what IT is.

But, We The People should decide whether or not We have representatives and what their powers will be. We were not asked about this, in Our Beginnings as The American Nation.


4.    The sovereign people have the fundamental right to remove any elected representative, for cause, without interference from government.

Yes, of course. As long as this is done through caring and efficient due process.  

5.    The sovereign people have the fundamental right to control the output of legislation by formulating their own, by vetoing law made by government, and by affirming existing law in such a way that government is barred from amending it -- at every jurisdictional level, without interference from government.

This sounds correct, so long as the “Sovereign People” are thinking and acting for the best outcome for as many of their populace as possible. We have to BE the Betterment that We would bring into Our Nation.

6.    The sovereign people have the fundamental right to alter details of their governance, without interference from government.

Yes. I believe so. So long as We operate from Our Individual and Social Principles of Virtue and Good Standards Of Decency In American Citizenship…that We have yet to satisfactorily develop. There is a lot of work to do in this regard.

7.    The sovereign people have the fundamental right to protect themselves from themselves by establishing the powers within government to administratively, legislatively, and judicially prevent (over-)zealous majorities, greedy corporations, the corrupting superrich, and government itself from violating individual and minority citizen rights, as given in the constitution and laws.

This Fundamental Governance Right, in my opinion, is the most important. We, as a Sovereign People, have to learn and apply to, Our Direct Democracy Powers. The governance skills, this seventh clause evokes, is critical to Our Balance as the greatest self-governing people on Earth. It is one thing to make the rules for others, but an entirely other thing for this to be done correctly and benignly for Our Selves. Our Laws must apply equally to ALL. No exceptions.

Our highest understandings of what is Good, Fair and Just, (found in the philosophies of Our Greatest Teachers and the “New Levels Of Truth” that We discover in the experience of Our Lives and the “Life Of Our Culture”) should be the structural foundation and form in which We function and maintain cohesive Balance.

Just as Individuals, (be they consumers or True Citizens) have to conform, to some extent, to majority rule, so should minority cultural groups. This should be accomplished in ways that allow the greatest Individual and minority expression of uniqueness. Common sense and decency has to apply to this most challenging of American undertakings. Tolerance has to become More and Better. “Live and Let Live”. The cultural traits of minorities have to be scrutinized and respected, so long as they, (by the nature of the thing), do not themselves cause harm to Individuals…and thus to the nation as a whole.

Kinds of Good Citizens One more observation about all this, I would like to make.

We are ALL unique by Divine Design. There can not be a total agreement of what should be, as pertains to Our Cultural Systems. For this reason We have to master the art of agreeing enough to make Our Systems work for the benefit of Most Of Us.

Good and True Citizenship requires personal sacrifice and dedication to Our Group. Not all Individuals will be able to contribute as much as others.

But if We can just come to an adequate agreement about what degrees, or levels, of this shared responsibility is adequate, or superb, then We will have a foundation upon which to build a Wonderful Future for America…and eventually the rest of the world.

But of the “lesser” of these coming Good Citizens, please remember:

(1)          They have achieved the “Basic Requirements” of American Good Citizenship…as Democratically established by Most Of Us.

(2)          They probably have the potential to do even more.

(3)          This “Potential” can be increasingly realized with encouragement from “more advanced” other Good Citizens.

The “Better” Good Citizens need only to not succumb to ego and pride in their Achievement. Yes. Be proud of your personal achievement for Your Nation, but DO NOT allow yourselves to look down on those who are trying to follow your lead. Contempt, (if allowed at all), is to be reserved for those who do not even try to part of American Evolution and Destiny. Such shortcomings will be evident in their existence and the facts of their lives.

Although the implied promises of these fundamental rights are self-apparent in the DOI's (American Declaration Of Independence),  second paragraph -- and although the elites knew that ordinary Americans had fought the War for those fundamental rights -- the authors of the Constitution rejected and omitted every one of them.


Hmmm. All of the “Authors”? If no, which were for the rights listed in the Declaration Of Independence and which were not? Can We learn this? It might be helpful in Our Future Constructs to know these things?


Next blog will be a little about the relationship of Our Representatives to Our Declaration Of Independence.


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