Ending The Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank

I'm just an average Citizen with maybe a little bit more interest in what becomes of "America" and more imagination to see possibilities for it to become More and Better.

One thing I think I "know" is that things are the way they are simply because there are those few Humans who say something will be and expect it to be...just because they say so.

It occurs to me that they may or may not be more qualified to make many decisions for Us. They are smart and have their specialties, but I can't believe that this gives them the right or license to tell Us, The American People, what will be. This might give them the right to advise Us, which We would surely benefit from, but not to decide for Us. We The People have given, mostly through "non-participation default", these "few" the license to decide Our Nation's Destiny Directions for Us. This is Our Fault. This is Our Responsibility to correct. We must honor and heed "Our Honored Advisors", but then carefully weigh what they have advocated and what We see elsewhere in Our Lives and Experience and then place Our Trust in Our Own Judgement. We are obligated to become more and more adept at this national process. The American Vision calls for this to be.

The "Federal Reserve" was foisted upon Us, when We didn't know any better...when the circumstances of the times left Us no other option but to trust the "few". The nation has Evolved to the point where We can now correct this intrusion from other lands upon Our Culture.

We can do as well, even better, what they have presumed to do for Us for their profit and power accumulation. We can build a money system without this dark influence and THIS DECISION WILL BE VALID BECAUSE WE THE MANY "SAY SO". It is Our Place to SAY SO. We must rise to this responsibility and social skill. The More that takes part in this process the more valid it will be.

Individual by Individual We must grow to be this kind of strong people.

Just my opinion. Respectfully Submitted,   Daniel Penisten  (DAN 1)


Definition: "Honored Advisors" = Once the paid "Representatives Of Our Republic", the Senators and Congressmen who have been promoted to Volunteer Public Servants and "Advisory Service Status". They would now represent Us on a higher Moral, Ethical and Spiritual level. They gladly serve thus, because it is no small thing to be "honored" by The American People...who show their gratitude so many ways. (Within the parameters of the "American Vision".)



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