CNN's favorite statements, when they are dogging a person for a Negative story.
1. "It's a legitimate question" No matter how many years ago the story came out. It's a phrase used by media, to take the wind out of the sails of political candidate and politicians.
2. "We want to get at the truth" sound altruistic?
3. "The people have the right to know." Wow, very altruistic. CNN is owed by Time Warner, with GE a large stockholder.
Time Warner is one of the "Big Six" media corporations that control what the people see, hear, or read. Similar to China where the government controls the Media. Our Government works closely with the "Big Six," when it comes to make sure who is in power, and controls the lower classes, such as the "middle class," 72% of our population. So all, I should say few, of the Republican presidential candidates, have been so disappointing; you wonder if they would even qualify for the position of a Mayor of a city of less than 50,000. However, the voters will be guided by the "Big Six" Media corporation, to pick the best of the worst.
The only criteria of the candidate voted in as the President is, they must be a politician, well funded, with the right special interest groups, hanging onto their coattail.
CNN always loves governors. Also a proven track record of running a business. Well those ideas have really done so much for the "middle class, and America, in the last 30 Years? However, the powers to be do not want Ron Paul in the White House.
Ron Paul has gained more popularity. IE. The powers that run most all the media in America, pick up the phone, and calls a popular TV Station like CNN, and says, start dogging Ron Paul. The other independent running against Obama, is Charles Harvey, living on Social security, and just ignore him and he will go away.
What we need, is a non-politician, no-military officer. What we need is a well educated person, from the middle class, since they are the majorities of America's population. We need a person that could make commonsense decision, best for America. Not giving trillions of dollars to Military, NASA, and all the other Nations. To stop creating wars, because our Government, thinks they may attack us some day, it's called paranoia.
Look at the devastating cost of lives, both, Militarly and civilian, over 10 years in Iraq, leaving it a mess that, will be worse than before we intervened, within 5 to 10 years. If we stop giving money to foreign countries, stop building up the military that has a budget off 600% larger than China. Our military budgets takes up over 45% of all nations military budgets in the entire World. Congress is running around like "Chicken Little," "yelling the sky is falling." if you just did these  few suggestions I listed above. Just days after we left Iraq
We would not have a deficit problem, and would have a surplus of revenue for America. We could create jobs for the Americans at home, by not allowing outsourcing of jobs and manufacturing, unless Americans are not qualified for the jobs, or unable to manufacture here in the USA. We will regulate offshore banking, that is costing us $60 billion a year in taxes. Bank will be reared to give loans to businesses that qualify by factual standard written down, not just based on. One or Two bank executives personal opinions.
Congress, mostly GOP, has lied to America since the Eighties, that giving the rich tax breaks and giving them low taxes, creates jobs. The facts are, the wealthy income has risen, and jobs have fallen, opposite effect of what GOP HAS TOLD US FOR DECADES.

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