Citizens Party Status Blog is now live!

Our new status blog is now live! This is the first of three new Citizens Party websites to be launched in 2015. The status blog is a basic blog (without the bells and whistles) designed to communicate any technical issues to our members. The status blog will be especially important as we transfer all data from this website ( to a new website over the next three weeks. Transferring so much data (videos, pictures, member profiles, profile questions, forums, blogs, etc.) is no easy task. Some errors may occur during the process. We wanted to provide a place to communicate any possible disruptions to this website or technical errors. Some pieces of data may not transfer over easily to the new website. Comments in blogs and on forum posts are especially tricky to transfer. While we will continue to post updates during the transfer process here on this website (until it is closed down), we urge you to bookmark our new status blog and get updates there. 

Here is the address to our new status blog:

After the transfer of data from to our new website (we will publish the new url in the near future), the new status blog will continue to operate and post technical updates such as "things are running smoothly", "All systems go" or "Some members receiving 500 Errors". 

To summarize, the Citizens Party will be launching three new websites in 2015. The status blog (#1) is the first of the three new websites. All of the data from the website that you are viewing now will go to our new social network (#2), except for the web address ( The web address of the website that you are now viewing ( will be transferred to our main website (#3). So, the data here (including your profile) will be transferred to site #2, but the web address ( will be transferred to site #3. 

New websites in order of publication:

Website #1. Citizens Party Status blog

Website #2. Citizens Party Social Network (the new home for this website with a new domain name)

Website #3. Citizens Party main website

We understand that this all may sound rather confusing. We hope to make the process as smooth as possible for each of you. You do not have to do anything until the transfer is complete. Then you will get a notice to change your password and create a new username (you can still use your name). Please check into the new status blog if you are unable to access this website during the transfer. The transfer will begin as early as today (Wed. August 26, 2015). You should not experience any disruption of service and should be able to log-in and use our website as usual (posting comments, blogs, messages, etc.) during the entire transfer process except for the final few hours before the transfer is complete. Again, the entire transfer process should take roughly three weeks. That is when site #2 will be made public. Our main website (#3) will then be launched in the weeks following the launch of site #2. We have many exciting things planned for the future. The new websites (especially #2 & #3) will allow the Citizens Party to greatly expand. So of you have wondered why we have been so quiet lately, and this is it. We have been very busy behind the scenes. 

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below or send us a private message.

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