Citizens Party National Level Committees


We will be creating new committee groups over the next several weeks, 1 for each committee. The activity/content within these groups will only be seen by the members of the groups (committee members).


Ballot Access Committee- assists candidates and state chapters in ballot access petitioning, lobbying for fair ballot access laws, and if needed, holding state governments accountable in court. 


Communications and Technology Committee- exists to promote the Citizens Party using cutting edge media, technology and communications. Develops webpage, social networking, online media tools and strategies. Works closely with Outreach, Fundraising and other committees.


Congressional Campaign Committee-  solely dedicated to electing our candidates to the United States House.


Convention Committee- general planning and promotion of our 2012 national convention.


Coordinated Campaign Committee- cooperates with state and local chapters in the support of federal, state, and local Party electoral campaigns.


*Credentials Committee- is to faciliate the credentialing of delegates to the Citizens Party Presidential Nominating Convention.


Dispute Resolution Committee- resolves disputes within and between Citizens Party committees.


Fundraising Committee-  solely dedicated to raising money, developing innovative fundraising strategies and cultivating new donors.


Outreach Committee- works to develop innovative, engaging long-term strategies to attract and recruit new members to the Citizens Party. Works to unify the efforts of other committees engaged in outreach strategies to reinforce consistent messaging, to avoid duplication and to reinforce the work that each is doing. Its primary purpose is to inform, engage, register, and recruit potential new members of the Citizens Party.


*Platform Committee- responsible for drafting and recommending national platform changes that is proposed to the national convention.


Presidential Campaign Support Committee-  offers ideas and support for all candidates seeking the 2012 Citizens Party Presidential and Vice-Presidential nomination. The eventual Presidential nominee can nominate 6 additional members to this committee after the national convention. The Vice-Presidential nominee can nominate 2 additional members to this committee after the national convention.


Senatorial Campaign Committee- solely dedicated to electing our candidates to the United States Senate.


U Committee-  assists and coordinates our college/university chapters with local, state and national outreach & election efforts. Cooperates with the outreach committee to attract and recruit college students and staff to the Citizens Party. The Citizens U committee consists of eight officers who serve for a one-year term on college campuses across the country. The U committee reports to the National Coordinator of Colleges.



Standing committees of the National Convention. Works closely with the Convention Committee.  

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