Beginning The Corrections For A "Better" America.

In the months ahead, I plan to gradually post many ideas intended to help Our Nation become "More" and "Better". I would like to share a few of my general beliefs and notions and then, in the next blog, start defining the terms I use in my sharings. These beliefs and notions are the ground work from which my ideas spring.

Generally speaking, (there are always exceptions to ways and rules), I believe the following:

(1) We are Created Sentient Beings that have and are Evolving into a more God Compatible Species...becoming  more and more a part of God's Divine Plan. We are not self eventuated.

(2) We are not the only Created Beings. There are billlions of other Sentient Beings throughout God's Seven Universes. Some are more advanced than Us and some are less advanced than Us.

(3) God will never finish growing, ITSELF, into "More" and "Better". God is, among countless other things, the "Divine First Example". What We go through, IT goes through and went through and will go through again and again.

(4) It is important that We, the Humanity Of Earth, take responsibility for Our Own Evolution to More and Better. We do this Individually and collectively. As Sovereign and as Society or group.

(5) No single path can lead to becoming More and Better. Growing in Life, as Life, many paths and ways should be a balanced endeavor for ever More excellence of Being. Narrow focus is not as strong, eventually, as a broad perspective. Exclusivity is not as "Good" as Inclusivity.

(6) Accentuate the "Positive" and learn from the "negative"; even as one learns to control the "negative" and its expressions as "Our Lesser Selves".  The "Kingship Of Self Control" is the personal cornerstone of becoming More and Better. All the successes of Individuals, in their Societies, adds up to the overall Evolution and Success of Our Planetary Species.

(7) We The People Of America, should focus on Excellence of Being, as Americans, in Our Own Lands. We will accomplish More if We largely disentangle from the present turbulence of world affairs. Only later, can We help the rest of Humanity become "More" and "Better", when we have achieved much of this principle for Ourselves.


Next blog will have some definition of terms.   Daniel Penisten   (DAN 1)

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