Beginning Of Definitions Of Terms Of Ideas For Helping America Become More and Better.

It has been said, something to the effect that: "Whoever would win an argument should first define the terms within that argument. Now, I really do not like to "argue". I prefer self-disciplined, structured and reasoned discussion, that has as its intention, improvement of a situation...making something "More" and "Better".

Definitions are carefully thought out, (deep gratitude to Daniel Webster), in an honest Spirit that dedicates itself to Truth. I can't help but believe that Mr. Webster was a man of great personal integrity, that defined so many words and terms of Our Language in order to help future speakers of English have a good starting point with which to find additional value and meaning, in the pursuit of Truth. Definitions should be as stable, acceptable and helpful as possible, but it is sometimes necessary to Evolve their values and meanings to be worthy of the Evolving Minds that use them as reference points. Definitions are, in short, to give Us Americans, (in the context in which I am focused), tools with which to Evolve Our Wonderful Destiny as a Great People. Mutually accepted definitions are the good beginning in Our Great Journey as unfolding history. 


Well. I better get to defining what I mean, (which hopefully is compatible with Mr. Webster's thoughts...I do refer to his work frequently).


(1) More = By "More" I mean that which is an additional amount from its original state. It is the opposite of less. More of that which brings Us closer to Creator is More in a "good" sense. More that causes Us to be More distant from Creator is More in a "bad" sense. This More in a bad sense should be called "less". So, what i mean by More is that which helps Us to become closer to God. First of all, More Loving. Then More Caring. More intelligent. More Wise. More in possession of emotions that energizes and encourages, "Our Quest To Express Our Better Selves". More capable of co-operation with others, for More Of Us, in Our Social Constructs. Stronger in good ways. That is what I mean by More.


(2) Better = "Better" is is that state which expresses the achievement of More, (in the good sense). It is the new condition that came and comes in the quest for More, in the good sense. Better is the opposite of worse. Feeling a sense of Better is Our reward for Our efforts to become More. But there is a subtle "bonus reward" for trying to become More, even when it is not achieved. The "trying" almost always leads to a stronger state, through experience, that comes with the effort. This adds to the desirability, incentive and positiveness of trying to become More...which is Better. Usually, the next effort will be closer to winning the "More Goal" and becoming Better. All We have to do to be Better is want to and try to.


(3) America = That North American "Heartland" that is presently known as "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". Bounded to the north by Canada, in the South by Mexico, in the East by the Atlantic Ocean and the West by the Pacific Ocean. This usage of the term is often resented by Our South American neighbors...who also have claim to the term America. When I use the term, I do so in a rhetorical way, as i refer to Us in the United States. If  South Americans call themselves "Americans" I will not be offended. But they usually don't, as far as i know. They tend to refer to themselves by the name of their country; such as Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, etc. If this becomes an issue, I could adjust my usage to North American. "United Statesian" somehow seems awkward to me.


More later. And I will continue to define words and terms in the text, as i proceed to share my thoughts and ideas.

Respectfully Sumitted,  Daniel Penisten  (DAN 1)

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