Are All Corporations Bad? A New Economic Word For The Many

Here i am, being "Foundationally Pragmatic" again. Maybe this will stimulate a good idea for the good use of the "Citizen Party".


As upset as i am about the situations and circumstances of the state of Our World, Nation and State, I can't bring myself to believe that every corporation is malignant for Our species.

Are there some corporations that harm Humanity less than others? Shouldn't We be compiling a list of the more benevolent ones?

Is corporatism inherently and incurably 'evil"? Is this bad planetary effect the nature of corporatism?

Or is it that corporatism was intended to be benign and got off track?

Were they good for Humanity in their beginnings? But went too far for the almighty profit motive and now cause more harm than good?

I sure would like some answers to these questions. Truthful ones.

You see, I can't help but rememebr the lesson of history that revealed that the first explorations, that led to the discovery of America, were royalty and/or corporate backed and financed. The same for the establishment of the colonies too.

Could it be that corporations are inherently a mix of good and evil? They do good, but at a terrible cost to the Many, for the benefit of the few. Which invites the abuse of the Many by the few. Invitation well accepted, I would say.

The first corporations came from the few who had the wealth to risk in ventures. So, this makes corporations, by nature, a tool of the few for the few.

Hmmm. This leads me to wonder what the opposite phenomena, one of the Many for the Many, would be. Owning ones own tools and skillfully applying them toward good products, would be part of this opposition. Being at least part owner of the space in which the tools are used would be another. Each Worker getting his or her fair share of the profits from the products.

Hmmm What could We call this opposite Human Construct? What words should We use to contribute to this new word? Never mind using Latin or Greek derivitives. We've aped those failed cultures enough. Lets build this new term out of good ol American English. Out of Now, not then.





"ProMaWorkism"?..."Promaworkism"? Well. Something like that. Let "We The People" decide...if they so choose.

I think I will start a contest for the best word for this new economic ideology. Maybe even put up a hundred bucks as a first prize. Let "The Many" be the final judge.

That's about all I got right now. DAN 1

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Comment by Ketan Shah on April 8, 2011 at 11:00am

A corporation itself is not evil.  It is many of the individuals that run a corporation that can be preceived as evil.  I have an MBA.  In deciding which school to go to, I had a huge struggle.  There were many prominent schools that I could have went to (getting into the school was not an issue).  The reason I did not go to one of those schools is that I just didn't feel right about the culture.  I finally found a school, Roosevelt University, whose mission is a social justice mission.  While many of my classes were traditional MBA classes, there is a sense of being socially and ethically responsible that is a huge part of the school.  It is okay to make money but let's do it in a socially and ethically responsible way.


Unfortunately too many corporations only care about the short term bottom line, because that is what the stockholder cares about.  Unfortunately that will not change until the people demand socially and ethically responsible companies.  Unfortunately, that will not come anytime soon.  It will take a radical shift in thinking for that to occur.  The good news is that there are more people than I had ever seen that are starting to demand that companies be more socially responsible. 


The people have to be willing to make sacrifices.  If a company is not acting in a socially responsible manner, people have to boycott, even if that might mean having to give something up that they "love" or pay more for something else.  I truly believe that it can happen though.  It won't be easy. 

Comment by mark casey on April 5, 2011 at 11:46am
Corporations are a creation of our legal system. Certainly, all corporations aren't evil, but some are unresponsible and are able to legally get away with deliberate harmful actions to citizens. Corporations have a level of protection that is way above what we have as individuals. In a simple example: If person A dumps a can of oil on person B's lawn, , person A can be brought to court if need be and may be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties. If Corporation A, as directed by person X, dumps a can of oil on person B's lawn, then it is doubtful that person X would be subject to any civil or crimanal penalties. The level of corporate insulation from the penalties of their actions is too great in many instances. It is our system of laws that insulate corporations. If the level of "Corporate Insulation" were lowered a bit, all corporations would be forced to be a bit more responsible.
Comment by Daniel Penisten on March 24, 2011 at 1:12pm

For example: A "bad" corporation would be one that "outsources" Our Jobs. A "good" one hasn't and won't.

There are other criteria by which We The People can wisely judge this issue.


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